Well, they do say you're your own worst enemy.

Shockwave seeks to destroy all those who would try to usurp him.

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Marvel UK issue #189

Plot: Simon Furman
Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Jeff Anderson
Inks: Cam Smith
Letters: Tom Frame
Colour: Euan Peters

  • Originally published: 22nd October 1988; Cover date ("off sale") 29th October 1988


In Fortress Sinister, an unseen subject is fighting a Facsimile Construct of Galvatron and destroys it in just ten seconds. Shockwave is pleased that the subject's mental programming is working and curses the existence of the real Galvatron, who is seeking to usurp him. He wishes he could test his agent further on a more worthy opponent, but has other matters to deal with. He had agreed to provided Cyclonus and Scourge with sanctuary from Galvatron if their attempt to secure Galvatron's time-jump device failed, in exchange for their joining his forces. Wrecking Havoc He now wants them to honour their side of the bargain.

In the main audience chamber Cyclonus and Scourge are frustrated to be serving under Shockwave, when in 2008 they will succeed him as joint commanders of the Decepticons. The Legacy of Unicron! Fracas suggests just killing Shockwave again, but Scourge dismisses the idea as they had help last time. Shockwave now enters and tells the future Decepticons that they must do a lot for him. They don't take kindly to this and respond angrily. Cyclonus screams "Why should we serve someone we're going to kill and succeed in twenty years?"

Scourge hits Cyclonus for not realising the effects of what he is saying. Shockwave deduces that to preserve his life he must end theirs, blasting at them. But Fracas and Nightstick transform into weapons mode and have superior fire-power. Shockwave flees, realising he can solve two problems at once.

Cyclonus death

"No, don't! One day I'll be your loyal second-in... darn! Wrong continuity!"

Cyclonus and Scourge chase Shockwave into another chamber where they see another Transformer in the shadows. Cyclonus is blasted - by Megatron! Scourge is rapidly subdued and thrown in a corner. Megatron turns his attention to Cyclonus, who blasts him. But Megatron merely snatches Nightstick and crushes him. Then he prepares to kill Cyclonus, who screams for Scourge's help.

Scourge is not as dead as Megatron thought, and is preparing to blast him with full power, a blast that not even Megatron can survive. But then Scourge realises this could be dangerous - in the future Megatron will be transformed into Galvatron by Unicron and only then will Scourge and Cyclonus be created to serve him. The Transformers: The Movie Scourge isn't sure but worries that if he kills Megatron he too will cease to exist. All he can do is flee.

Cyclonus can only weakly call for help and doesn't even scream as Megatron kills him. "Instead, twenty years in the future, the heavens scream in his stead."

Shockwave is pleased that Megatron has completed the final test and it is now time for the main target. A human news report shows Galvatron rampaging through a town. Shockwave orders Megatron to find Galvatron and destroy him!

Note: This story is continued in Altered Image! in that year's Transformers Annual.


Items of note

  • Shockwave conceived the idea of using Megatron as a weapon in "Enemy Action" and recovered Megatron's body in "Salvage!".
  • Shockwave states that "clearly to preserve my life I must end yours!" This is slightly illogical as from Cyclonus and Scourge's perspective they have already killed him. The effects of this logical paradox upon Shockwave are explored further in "Time Wars".
  • Scourge's dilemma about killing Megatron is an example of facing the grandfather paradox.


  • This issue was reprinted in Collected Comics 16, again in the 1994 Summer Special, and once more in the Titan Books trade paperback "Time Wars". The Collected Comics reprint omits the caption "Continued in The Transformers Annual - on sale now!" on the very last panel. The 1994 reprint omits the final page and the caption "It has begun!" on the penultimate page. The Titan reprint is complete.
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