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Dropshot is an Autobot from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Dropshot is not a very lucky robot. He's a dedicated warrior, to be sure, but he's not very good at avoiding injury. At least he's been lucky enough that his parts were always salvageable and his spark has yet to be extinguished.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Armada comics

DWDropshot sliced

Mortal Kombat!

Dropshot was stationed on Cybertron with Jetfire, and accompanied him to the Decepticon headquarters to investigate a space bridge anomaly above Cybertron. While exploring the abandoned halls, he was cut in two by the Unicron herald Bludgeon. The injury was apparently not fatal and his parts were recovered.

Energon comics

Ten years later, while the Terrorcons besieged Earth, Dropshot was stationed alongside Overload and Ironhide to guard a newly-built energon tower in the Yukon developed to repel such invasions. But Dropshot was dropped yet again, this time by Scorponok, who had come to destroy it.

(Note: Dropshot's alternate modes are never shown in the comic. It is unlikely he was written with anything more than a generic "hi then die" character in mind, and the model (based on an unproduced toy) was used by artist Don Figueroa as an in-joke.)



God makes platypi, Primus makes Dropshots.

  • No toy of Dropshot was ever released. However, his character model was based on an unreleased Generation One Triple Changer toy whose prototype is seen in the Japanese Transformers Generations book. The toy transformed from robot to F-15 fighter jet to a horse, though it looks a bit more like a llama. The toy may have been developed to be a carded toy rather than boxed like the other triple changers; according to the book, its robot mode was only 10 centimeters (roughly 4 inches) tall!
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