Decepticon Warships fly above Iacon

The Decepticon Dropship is used by the Decepticons to transport troops to different areas, protect Decepticon Warships, or transport Autobot captives to Kaon Prison Complex. They are armed with two powerful laser cannons on each side. Two of these Dropships were used to protect Megatron's war ship, when he was searching for the Omega Key.

The Autobot dropship is also used to transport troops. A dropship is seen crashing into an Iacon tower in the level "Iacon Destroyed". Another is seen outside of the first Autobot base Optimus, Ratchet, and Bumblebee enter where Autobot soldiers are loading energon cubes onto the vessel. In the level "Fuel of War", a larger variation of an Autobot dropship attacks the Seekers, but they plant a Dark Energon detpack on its power core and destroy it. Omega Supreme's alternate mode is similar to these dropships, but is more heavily armed and is a slightly different shape.


  • The Decepticon Dropship apparently has two variations: one is a gunship model while the other has a troop deck slung under it to be used as a transport. The gunship versions are sometimes armed with Dark Energon bombs and omega missiles.
  • The Autobot dropship has two variations as well: a standard ship, and a larger, more heavily-armed dropship that can carry more troops and has two decks and a few rooms, like one on the upper deck, a control room on the lower deck at the end of the ship, and a small room that leads into a hallway that ends at its power core.

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