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Dropkick is an emo Decepticon and ALSO a bunch of mass-produced drones used by BOTH sides in the live-action film series continuity family .

Dropkick really didn't want to come to lame old Earth, but Megatron made him. If he had his way, he'd be back on Cybertron right now, sitting alone in the dark and feeling angry. He doesn't really "get" why folks are so interested in the All Spark or why the Autobots are such troublemakers, but he DOES like making things go BOOM, so he might as well do so while he's here. Dropkick is a lot like a Decepticon Stormtrooper Commander.

Sometimes there are lots of him. On both sides.


Titan Magazines

In a reality where the Decepticons won, Dropkick is Megatron's right-hand man in the occupation of Earth. The other Decepticons hear Megatron's orders through him. Transformers Comic issue 9

IDW Comics

Dropkick was among Soundwave's forces to go to Earth. He and Incinerator landed in Florida. Alliance issue #3

He was killed by the Autobots. Alliance issue #4


Transformers: The Game (console)

Dropkick units can be either Autobot (top) or Decepticon (bottom).

Hordes of identical Dropkick units are used by both the Autobot and Decepticon armies. Decepticons are purple with a lens-face, while Autobot versions are red (or blue) and have a facemask with individual optics. They are protected from most artillery by energy shields in robot mode (Blackout's seismic disks can penetrate the shields and damage them easily), and are fond of throwing stuff at foes rather than getting in with melee attacks.

Dropkicks are most commonly found in urban missions, but pop up for certain sub-missions in other areas as well.

Battle For the Allspark online game

Dropkick units on both sides have equal Attack and Speed abilities with a strong Defense skill.

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons

The Dropkick body-type is used for several of the alt-modes used in the game. Additionally, many of the other smallish truck-type bodies, including the SUV, Pickup, Utility, Pickup Car, Love Cruiser (Decepticon Exclusive), Flame Truck, Maintenance (Autobot Exclusive), Construction (Decepticon Exclusive), Safari Truck, Off-Roader Raider, & Transport (Autobot Exclusive) all use the Dropkick body for robot mode. PSYCH!


Transformers (2007)

His Decepticon symbol can be seen from space.

  • Dropkick (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MD-18
Dropkick transforms into a customized Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck (or a similar model just different enough to avoid paying a licensing fee). His hood and roof feature a fairly cleverly done gigantic Decepticon symbol (so much for 'robots in disguise'). His flatbed cover conceals a giant claw/plier deployed from the tailgate by a sliding knob on top. This assembly becomes a hand-held weapon for his robot mode. He also has (non-firing) twin blasters on the underside of each forearm in robot mode.
Unlike most of the other "drone" toys, Dropkick does not use the Decepticon "lens-face", instead going with a new, more complicated face design with a visor. (It is not the Autobot face from the game, but it is similar.)
This mold was later redecoed as the Autobot Salvage and Blowpipe.


  • Dropkick (3D Battle Card, 2007)
In the Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game, Dropkick is on the Decepticon side. Pieces punched out from two different cards can be assembled to form a pickup truck or a robot, while a third double-sided card gives its stats and attacks for each mode. He (it?) uses the same parts layout as Ironhide. His card art was done by Lucio Parrillo.


I'm emo because my gimmick sucks.

  • Dropkick's card art shows him with windshield wipers on his visor.
  • Dropkick was seen on at least two covers for the Reign of Starscream yet he never appeared in the storyline.
  • For some reason when Barricade entered the junk yard and the drones came, the Dropkick drones where blue instead of red.
  • He seems kinda emo. Go cry, emo bot.

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