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Dropforge is Autobot police and Strongarm's old mentor in Season 3 of Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 2

Strongarm revealed in Get a Clue that during her time at the Academy, she regarded Dropforge as her favourite instructor. On one occasion as revealed in Guilty as Charged, he caught Strongarm and her classmate Nightra drag-racing in the Academy's Hall of Studies. Strongarm later insisted that she had only been there to talk Nightra out of it.

When a case on Earth required some serious detective work in Get a Clue, Strongarm remembered Dropforge and tried to mimic some of his mannerisms during her investigations.

Season 3

In Five Fugitives, Under the reign of the new High Council, Dropforge and a small team of Autobot officers were sent to Earth as part of a bid by Cyclonus to apprehend Bumblebee and his team; like other members of the Autobot police force, they were secretly brainwashed by a long-range signal from Cybertron to keep them loyal and willing to carry out the council's orders. They landed at a scrapyard outside Crown City and set out to capture the Autobots.

They caught up with on the outskirts of the city and placed them under arrest for a variety of jumped-up charges. Bumblebee and his team quickly escaped save for Strongarm; after incapacitating Sideswipe and Grimlock, the Mini-Con subdued Bumblebee and imprisoned them all aboard their ship. With the help of Denny and Russell Clay, the officers were lured out of the ship, allowing for the humans to spring their Autobot friends, with Strongarm conducting a central processor scan on him. The officers chased the fugitive Autobots to a natural gas refinery, where one of Steeljaw's forcefields inadvertently blocked the signal and caused the police 'bots to reboot, breaking the brainwashing. The signal was permanently blocked after Fixit adjusted their processors to new frequencies, and they proceeded back to Cybertron to secretly investigate the perpetrators of the mind-control.

In Freedom Fighters, this subterfuge paid off when Dropforge and his officers were able to take custody of the Bee Team and Steeljaw from the High Council's officers to escort them to the Autobot High Council building as part of their investigation.