Autobot Drone


Decepticon Drone

In War for Cybertron, drones are the basic hindrance/enemy that the player faces, but occasionally, some Drones on the player's team will provide assistance. In the Autobot campaign, select downed Autobot drones can be revived.the drones seen right are also a type of drone seen in game seen with large displays on there robot modes and armed with heavy battle pistol.


  • Shotgunner - These scouts have an overshield ability that can be activated almost any time. They carry EMP Shotguns.
  • Seeker/Aerialbot - These guys almost always remain in jet form, and buzz around shooting you and performing bombing runs. Occasionally they will land and start hovering, whilst blasting you with an X12 Scrapmaker (Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Jet).
  • Cloaker - These mini-formers rarely transform, but hide instead, whilst blasting you with plasma cannons. They can cloak even whilst firing (Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Car).
  • Brute - Armed with a big shield, an axe-like weapon and a rocket launcher, these are one of two enemies that require some form of strategy to defeat - shooting them in the backpack.
  • Heavy Soldier - Armed with an Ion displacer, they roam the battlefield, pouring out heavy firepower that devastates any opponent within range.
  • Titan- Titans are hulking enemies armed with an Ion displacer (Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Tank)
  • Destroyer - Massive tanks. The tank transforms when its fuel cell is hit, and then dies when you shoot it repeatedly in the chest. The tank has a lightning blast attack, and the robot has a rapid-fire Nucleon shock cannon, and a Magma Frag Launcher. Get too close, and it will use the shockwave ability (Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Tank).


  • When they transform, they go through a period of invulnerability, which is really annoying in Escalation mode.
  • In the Autobot Chapter "Defend Iacon", the achievement "Paging Ratchet" can be unlocked by reviving all five downed Autobot drones.
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