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Driving A Wedge is the seventeenth episode of the first season of Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy.


Griffin Rock Teen Pioneer Wes wins a day at the Academy to spend with each of the Recruits in turn. However, Wedge keeps avoiding spending time with him as unlike the other bots he doesn't think that a mere construction bot has anything to offer.


Wedge is excited because he's heard a rumor that there will be a guest visiting the academy, and he's assuming it's Bumblebee. Heatwave, however, introduces them to Wes, a Teen Pioneer who won an emergency response competition and gets to spend the day with the recruits. Hot Shot volunteers to show Wes around the base, and is impressed when the human reveals he knows Hot Shot is a Cube player. Wedge is uninterested in the whole thing and announces he's heading for the lab. Hot Shot is soon showing off his skills at an agility course to Wes, who also manages to successfully complete the course, despite it being built at Bot size. Wes finds Wedge working on an hydro-fusion drive but when Wedge sees who's joined him, he gathers up the drive and goes elsewhere. Medix senses Wes is unhappy and offers to spend some time with him.

Wedge bumps into Heatwave, who suggests he spend some time with Wes. Wes, meanwhile, has finished bandaging up Tough Luck Chuck and goes to find Wedge again. He offers to help Wedge with the hydro-fusion drive, but Wedge again blows him off and Wes instead goes to spend time with Hoist. The pair practice their lassooing in a Hero Hall simulation, though Hoist ends up tangled in ropes. They go to look for Wedge, but when he can't be found, Wes instead goes flying with Whirl. The other recruits find Wedge hanging out in the garden, but he's still disinterested in spending time with Wes. Whirl and Wes find Wedge, and Wes attempts to show Wedge something from his journal, but Wedge leaves and a despondant Wes throws his journal away.

Whirl finds Wedge outside and Wedge admits he doesn't think hanging out with him is going to be very exciting since he just turns into construction equipment. Whirl shows him Wes's journal and reveals that he's Wes's favorite Rescue Bot recruit. Wedge realizes he's messed up big time. The alarm draws them to the GroundBridge, where it turns out that there's an emergency in Griffin Rock, and Wes has run through the GroundBridge ahead of everyone else. The recruits rush through to find Wes helping out some workers at a construction site as the building they're working on threatens to collapse. Wedge supports the building while Wes gets a worker clear, but has to get Wes's help to activate his fusion clamps. Back at base, Wedge apologizes for the way he's treated Wes. The other recruits are ready to spend more time was Wes, but Wedge announces it's his turn.

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