TurningTheTide Drilling Platform 6

Drilling Platform number 6, also known as "Old Faithful", is an oil rig off Griffin Rock. It used to pump oil out of the ground until the well ran dry, and now stands disused.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Turning the Tide"

The platform was bought up by new owners who intended to try drilling deeper for oil, and so Graham Burns and Doc Greene went out to assess the seabed for stability. Unfortunately they found that the rig was in poor condition, and the cap on the well itself was corroded and in danger of breaching. Indeed, a tremor resulted in the cap releasing oil, which was set alight by exposed wires on the platform. Though the Rescue Bots were able to rescue Doc Greene and Frankie, and affix a new cap to the well, the platform itself was destroyed.

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