Drillhorn is the veteran strategist amongst the Breastforce group. He very knowledgeable and very tough... and can be quite opinionated, to the point of being stupidly bull-headed. His adherence to past battle experiences can often leave him unprepared for unexpected changes in the battlefield. He's accompanied by his partner-mech Rhinobreast.


Transformers Victory Drillhorn drill tank


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Yukimasa Kishino (ep. 4), Masato Hirano & Yūki Satō, formerly Hiroyuki Satō (Japan)



  • Drillhorn (Breastforce, 1989)
Japanese ID number: D-332
Drillhorn transforms into a four-treaded drill-tank (the drill doesn't spin, sorry). He also forms the right leg to the group's combined form Liokaiser. His packed-in partner Rhinobreast fits securely on Drillhorn's chest in either mode.
This mold was used to make the Rescue Force drill.
  • Liokaiser (Multi-pack, 1989)
Japanese ID number: D-335
Drillhorn was also available in a complete six-piece box set of the entire Breastforce team. It's worth noting that this release does not have bio/tech cards for the individuals, only the combined form.

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