The Driller is a Decepticon from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.


Dark of the Moon film


Shockwave emerges from the Driller


The Driller Begin to Destroy Hudson Tower.


Not the Kraken.

The Driller, ridden by Shockwave, attacks NEST at Chernobyl and steals the Ark's engine fuel cell from them before heading to the surface where it tears through the building and engages Optimus Prime. Optimus manages to cut off a head of the tentacle carrying the part and Shockwave briefly emerges from the inside to glare at Optimus before he and the Driller leave without any further battle.

In Chicago, the Driller, shows up again with Shockwave, attacks the Autobots and separates Optimus from his trailer which contains his weapons pack. Later, when Shockwave sees Epps in a collapsing building, he sends the Driller to attack Epps, his team, Carly and Sam. The Driller smashes through the building and nearly reaches the team before Optimus shows up and attacks. Ultimately, Optimus crashes through the Driller, breaking it in half and killing it, leaving Shockwave enraged. Dark of the Moon


  • The Driller apparently serves Shockwave as both a mount and an attack beast.
  • The Driller is a case of re-engineered Cybertronic wildlife. According to Ratchet in the comic adaptation of Dark of the Moon, the Driller is the most feared and terrible beast on all of Cybertron.
  • The Driller's working name is Colossus, which is still used in media coverage.[1]


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