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Drill Bit is very much a "robot in disguise." If you watched him go about his job, watched him closely even for an extended time, you would be unimpressed. To all observation, he is a grunt. He follows orders as they're given and suffers from little imagination or independent thought. Except you'd miss that below all that, there is a keen and eager mind that knows exactly how to play the game. Drill Bit quietly makes himself indispensable to his commanders without ever showing even the slightest sign of insidiousness. He has become Magmatron's good right hand, never revealing the writhing ambition that has him constantly thirsting for more power. He is extremely patient and calculating and is willing to wait as long as it takes to assure his ascension to come.

Drill Bit has a drill for a hand, which makes fighting Maximals that much easier. His preferred strategy is to drill a battlefield to within a hair's breadth of volcanic eruption and then sit back and let his foes trigger their own destruction.

His failures are both numerous and epic. Almost Sentinel Maximus level.

French name (Canada): Forêt
Italian name: Vortex[1]


3H Tales of the Beast Wars comics

Who needs a gun when I got lasers coming outta my face?

During the final battle with Shokaract, several realities converged into a single, apocalyptic timestorm. Beast Warriors from alternate realities emerged, including Drill Bit, Cybershark, B'Boom, Transquito, Air Hammer, Polar Claw and unidentified others, though all of them were summarily defeated.

IDW Beast Wars comics

One day he'll succeed at something. One day.

Magmatron recruited Drill Bit, along with Transquito, Spittor, Iguanus, Manterror, and Razorbeast. Magmatron's plan was to use the abandoned stasis pods on prehistoric Earth to build an army and take over Cybertron. Upon arrival, Magmatron sent the others to watch over the stasis pods as they were activated. Drill Bit stayed by commander's side.

Razorbeast was revealed as a Maximal spy when Maximals started coming out of the pods. On his way out of Predacon camp, Razorbeast smashed through Drill Bit.

While the rest of the new Predacon army sought to quell the new Maximal army, Drill Bit and Spittor, along with Magmatron, hunted down Razorbeast. Drill Bit got the drop on Optimus Minor, but Snarl got the drop on Drill Bit. He returned to his master unaccomplished.

Later, Drill Bit and Magmatron rendezvoused with Iguanus. Iguanus had located a blank protoform into which Ravage's spark would be inserted. He then accompanied Magmatron and Iguanus to capture Megatron and send him back to Cybertron (to appease the Tripredacus Council). They succeeded in the capture, but failed to prepare the transwarp shunt. Grimlock intervened and easily defeated Drill Bit. The Gathering

His little encounter with Grimlock taught him nothing as he boldly ordered "drill him" when Lio Convoy showed up. Lio responded with a barrage of point-blank missiles from his hidden mane launchers.

And it looked like Drill Bit was blasting off again. Maybe for good, we don't know how he fared against the Blendtrons. The Ascending


Beast Wars

  • Drill Bit (Basic, 1997)
Drill bit transforms into an organic boll weevil. His drill-arm can be flipped out for use in beast mode and uses a gear-wheel system to spin the bit.
This mold was used to make Drill Nuts.
The Drill Bit mold appears to have an engineering defect; the pegs on the insect-leg parts are pointed in the wrong direction to fit into the holes intended for them. This defect was not fixed for Drill Nuts.


  1. This name only seems to have been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. The name is not used on Drill Bit's own cardback.

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