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Drill Bit is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Who the hell do you think he is!?

Drill Bit is only interested in one thing: busting some heads. The enforcer of the Destruction Mini-Con Team, Drill Bit honestly doesn't care about Dualor's plans of independence, he just likes having a good excuse to engage in his favorite pastime. He'd even happily work with the Decepticons if it came down to it, for that matter. So long as he gets to hit people and break stuff.

Japanese name: Crush


Animated continuity

Armada cartoon

Drill Bit's Mini-Con storage panel was discovered in a long-abandoned subway tunnel by Cyclonus. The duo Powerlinxed, but since the Decepticons had accomplished their mission with Drill Bit's acquisition, they teleported away. Underground

Dreamwave comics continuity


He did what Dualor told him to do...when Dualor told him to do it.



  • Destruction Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-04
Drill Bit transforms into a treaded tunneling machine. He features a gear-wheel system that causes his drill to spin when he is rolled in vehicle mode. He can also be attached to the underside of the Armada Cyclonus mold, interacting with the Decepticon’s gear-wheel rotor system.
This mold was also used to make Gritbit and Monocle.
  • Sandstorm & Cannon with Destruction Micron (Multi-pack, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MS-04
In Japan, the Destruction Team was available both as an individual Team and in a multi-pack with Cyclonus.
  • Destruction Microns X-Dimension (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-09
A limited-edition (yet still standard retail) redeco of the Destruction Team was released in Japan. The entire team was given an orange and gray color scheme.
  • Crush Undergrove Edition (Mini-Con, 2003)
Exclusive to Ito Yokado stores in Japan, one member of the "Undergrove Edition" Destruction Team was given at random to customers who bought Micron Legend product in January (or until they ran out of them).
  • Crush White Micron (Mini-Con, 2003)
In April, Japanese "TF Station" affiliate stores gave out solid-white versions of the Destruction Team as part of the "Golden Week" holiday. These pieces were made with the intent of being "paint your own" versions.
  • Crush Space Galaxy Edition (Mini-Con pack-in, 2003)
In May, Jusco stores in Japan got in special versions of Convoy Super Mode that contained one member of the "Space Galaxy Edition" Destruction Team per box... but the bonus Mini-Cons were blind-packed inside the boxes. As such, this version of the Team is among the most expensive of the promotional Mini-Cons on the secondary market.
  • Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
Late in the Armada line, a redeco of the Destruction Team was put out under a new Team name (but as the same individual characters). This version is primarily green with gray parts.
  • Blurr with Incinerator and Bonus Mini-Con (Bonus pack, 2003)
  • Sideways with Rook & Crosswise and Bonus Mini-Con (Bonus pack, 2003)
In November of 2003, US Toys "R" Us stores had special bonus pack Max-Con (Deluxe) toys, which each came with a single bonus Mini-Con attached to the card over its sticker, for less than the price of a normal Max-Con during Toys "R" Us' post-Thanksgiving-Day sale. Each of the Destruction Team Mini-Cons could come packaged with either Blurr or Sideways.


  • Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team & Night Attack Mini-Con Team
An unaltered version of the Road Wrecker Team was released as part of an Energon-series "Mini-Con 6-pack" with the Night Attack Mini-Con Team.

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