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The name or term Drift refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Drift (disambiguation).

Drift is a Decepticon turned Autobot who appears in the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Dorifuto (ドリフト) wa sugoi! Ahem, Drift, formally known as the Decepticon Deadlock is graceful warrior. He was trained in the highest order of the Cybertronian samurai ways by Wing, a member of the Circle of Light guardians. Drift then became a Knight of Light and was given Wing's Spark sword by Dai Atlas upon his death. He wields his two short swords and Spark-powered Katana with grace and purpose.

He is a joy rider at Spark though, and loves to tear up the tarmac on Earth's roads, and "Drift" around corners in his specially adapted Sports car mode.


IDW comics

In the past, Drift started out as a common citizen of Cybertron, who was starving while his government ignored his plight. His friend Gasket died in an accident when "Drift" grabbed a security officer's gun and it went off. In a rage Drift found he was good at beating people up. He joined up with the Decepticons because they didn't want to be helpless. Soon he developed a name as a Decepticon warrior who Megatron named Deadlock, known for having slaughtered many Autobots. At some point he was thought to have died but actually escaped when Turmoil tried to capture him by jumping into an escape pod and making planetfall.

There, he encountered a warrior from an ancient and unaffiliated sect of Cybertronians, who embraced samurai-style code, and refused to fight in the great war for Cybertron, choosing instead to leave Cybertron and live in their hidden city. The first warrior he met, "Wing" seems to want to rehabilitate him, trying to teach him the ultimate cause in life is to protect and serve those weaker than you. When Wing asks his name, he's vulnerable and alone and afraid they might recognize the name Deadlock, so he tells them he is Drift. Drift and Wing team up to fight some slavers. Wing wants to free the slaves and Drift wants a ship to escape the planet. Drift tries to run off to the ship first and ditch Wing, and the slavers kick his butt. Wing takes him back to the hidden city, "The New Crystal City" and the Cybertronian "Knights" there rebuild him. After he is rebuilt, Wing tells Drift he can't leave until he can beat Wing in unarmed combat. Drift complains he cant fight without guns, so Wing trains Drift in combat and swordplay.

"The New Crystal City" receives a coded transmission they can't understand, but Drift recognizes it and goes out to make a deal with the slavers who beat him up earlier, to try to get off the planet in exchange for the city's location. Drift then tells the "Knights", they refuse to fight, or go along with Drift's plan to ambush the slavers. When they say they won't fight, he chooses to fight for them. He gives the slavers a false location and fights them with a small team of Knights. Dai Atlas watches and realizes Drift is making the ultimate sacrifice, sacrificing himself to protect "The New Crystal City." When the slavers kill Wing in action, Dai Atlas raises the city up out of the ground, realizing they must protect themselves from threats. They run out of their city and save Drift from getting his butt kicked again, (Wing dies in the process) and they reward him with an ancient sword, and tell him to use it only when he must, as the ancient sword drains the spark of the user when it is drawn, and that fighting isn't always the first option. He says he is definitely no longer a Decepticon, but can't join the Autobots either. He claims to have received a second chance, changed his name to Drift, and now seeks to make that second chance count.


A Hero rises in the East. Sort of.

A mysterious cloaked figure arrives on an alien world looking for information on a "Decepticon" cruiser. The natives are wary at first, but disclose the vessel's location; upon handing over the data, a female alien realizes that the stranger is Cybertronian.

The mysterious stranger infiltrates the Decepticon cruiser and uncloaks, revealing himself to be Drift. Drift stealthily sneaks through the conduits of the vessel when he discovers a contingent of Decepticon warriors. Just as he is about to strike, he is interrupted by the explosive arrival of Kup and his Wreckers (Roadbuster, Springer, Twin Twist and Perceptor) who have come to free the Autobot prisoners. Drift offered to lead the Wreckers to their trapped comrades but they were prevented from escaping by the Decepticon commander Turmoil. A Decepticon commander who recognized and named Drift as Deadlock.

Drift and Kup were dropped into a lower deck by a blast, where Kup confronted Drift about his past and learned some of the circumstances that converted the Decepticon warrior. The pair set out to destroy the Decepticon cruiser but were again confronted by Turmoil. Drift engaged the much larger Decepticon, disabling him in two quick strikes, before risking his life to save that of the previously shot Perceptor. For that final act, Kup offered Drift the chance to join his team and help fight the Decepticons.

All Hail Megatron

Drift was hand-picked by Kup to be part of his team. He was the only one not surprised that Mirage was a hidden sentry. Given comments by both Autobots and Decepticons, it seems evident that Drift is a former Decepticon who changed sides. Drift was quick, talented, and sure. Capable of decapitating a swarm member before it could move one minute All Hail Megatron issue 6 and racing onto an explosive ladden bridge to rescue a fallen comrade. All Hail Megatron issue 8 He could even slip by Jazz on occasion. He could respect the choices of others, and the pain of betraying ones comrades. Being a traitor himself, twice over, he had an understanding of it and knew that there was more to the Decepticon's victory than the betrayal of a single bot.

Drift fought with the Autobots against the Swarm until their rescue by Omega Supreme and then fought the Decepticons in the battle at New York City. When Thundercracker offered to stop an atomic bomb for the Autobots it was Drift who tried to welcome him into the Autobot ranks, only to be rebuffed. All Hail Megatron issue 12

More Than Meets The Eye

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Drift buys a ship named Lost Light and give it to Rodimus. After have recruited members they go for find the knight of Cybertron. Unfortunately on the way a hole is made in the ship and they lose a big part of the crew. After all of that Drift was kicking of the Lost light, and on the end of this comics he come back and talk to Rodimus who say he are sorry for kick him.


  • Autobot Drift (Deluxe, 2010)
    • Accessories: one large sword, two "dual swords"
Drift transforms in a red and white Japanese sports "Drifter" car. His katanas are stored under the car mode. In humanoid mode, his two short swords store in the doors that form holsters on his hip. He can hold his katana with two hands, but it is hard to pose.
The toy was later retooled into Generations Blurr, with a different head, and has guns instead of swords.



  • Drift's body modifications and weaponry appear to be gifts from an ancient, long lost sect of Cybertronians. Very Anime. His four-issue mini-series depict him as a neglected citizen who joins the Decepticons to be somebody and make a name for himself, but a hidden clan of Samurai-inspired Cybertronians who refuse to take part in the Great War teach him the error of his ways.
  • As of "Last Stand of the Wreckers", Drift has appeared in eleven comics over four series and has NEVER drawn his long sword, though he will often grasp it in preparation.
  • The nature of the great sword is finally revealed in the 4th issue of the Drift mini-series, also it's first usage, some 2 years after first appearance. The great sword is claimed to get it's extreme cutting power by drawing from the spark (life force) of the wielder. Very anime.
  • Despite multiple covers and concept art, Drift didn't appear in a comic with an Earth alt-mode until the last issue of his mini-series in October 2010, though he does appear with body modification similar to the concept art meaning he might do so in Ongoing #1.

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