Drew Eiden is a colorist. He is on staff for the Official Transformers Collector's Club Magazine as the Resident Colorist through Fun Publications. He also has worked on the Fun Publications comic books Dawn of Future's Past and "Games of Deception" along with other various work for Fun Pub.

At BotCon 2006 and BotCon 2007, Drew guested on the Transformers Collector's Club Magazine Panel.

In 2008, Drew 'auditioned' to be an extra in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Fans were not pleased that he didn't get the part.

Published color work

  • Dawn of Future's Past (Oct 2006) - Full colors on pages 1-10, flat work on pages 11–15, 18, 20, 24.
  • Games of Deception (Jun 2007) - Colors
  • Wreckers The Finale Part 1 (Jul 2007) - Colors (Included in Transformers Collector's Club Magazine Issue 16)
  • Wreckers: Finale Part II (December 2007) - Colors (Images that appeared throughout the online-exclusive text story)
  • Botcon 2008* Exclusive Souvenirs - (2008)
  • Colors on Tech Spec artwork for:

  • Colors for background art for the Battle Beasts column.
  • Colors for the cover to issue 14 (Classics Bumblebee).
  • Colors for the cover to issue 16 (Wreckers The Finale Part 1).
  • Beast Wars: The Gathering #3 - flats for page 6

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