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Drench is an evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass universe.
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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

As leader of the elite Seeker unit, Drench sought to temper the Autobots' repressive rule with a modicum of compassion. Optimus Prime could not abide such weakness in one of his officers, and had Drench killed. When Drench's friend and fellow Seeker Sideswipe turned against the Autobots, inspired in part by Drench's murder, Sideswipe took on Drench's colors as a tribute to his fallen friend.


NOT Shattered Glass Drench. This is Universe Drench. Who doesn't really exist at all. There is no picture here, and we never had this conversation.

  • Drench's inclusion in the Shattered Glass storyline can be traced back to an unreleased Battle in a Box set which pit an Autobot-turned-Decepticon character named Drench against the Autobot Smokescreen. Drench would have been a redeco of the Armada Wheeljack toy in Generation 2 Drench-like coloration, whereas Smokescreen was based on Generation One Smokescreen. Drench would have come with a Mini-Con partner using the gang-molded Wind Sheer mold, likely also called "Wind Sheer" if the previous Battle in a Box Mini-Cons are any indication. The toys appeared on eBay in 2004 along with several other unreleased Universe toys, among which Drench emerged as a lasting wish of online Transformers fans.
  • At BotCon 2008, the concept behind this toy was modified to become Shattered Glass Sideswipe. A Shattered Glass Drench was included in Sideswipe's backstory both as a nod to the toy's roots and as an explanation for his obviously Drench-inspired deco.
  • It is worth noting that evil Autobot Drench probably did not look like this toy; the Shattered Glass Seekers all seem to use different molds in similar color schemes (a reversal of the usual Decepticon Seeker pattern); we can obviously extrapolate Drench's deco from Sideswipe's, but what mold he would be based on remains unknown.

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