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A timeline for the events of Dreamwave Productions' Generation One continuity.

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Ancient era


Goldendisk ancient

ONE golden disc, ah ah ah!

The Route of All Evil

War on Cybertron

The War Within issue 1

Early war

Goldendisk council

TWO golden discs, ah ah ah!

  • Megatron attempts to have Cybertron re-imagined as a planet-sized vehicle. Starscream botches this.
  • Optronix is appointed the new Prime, becoming Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus starts a soon-abandoned plan to leave Cybertron to the Decepticons.
  • Optimus lobotomizes Megatron.
  • Optimus tosses away the council's Golden Disk.

The War Within

Pre-Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

The War Within: The Dark Ages

Pre-Age of Wrath

  • Megatron makes a deal with the Quintessons, having forgotten that their infiltration of the Council of Ancients started this war, probably as a result of the lobotomy Prime gave him.
  • Ultra Magnus rises to power, takes charge, and unites most of Cybertron.

The Age of Wrath

  • Starscream attacks a peace ceremony, but Megatron returns.
  • Megatron enslaves the captured Autobots.
  • This may be when Megatron punishes Starscream for killing the Council. Generation One issue 4
  • Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron, the Aerospace Extermination Squadron is destroyed, and the enslaved Autobots are freed. We're not entirely sure how.
  • A number of Autobots and Decepticons leave Cybertron on their ships the Ark and the Nemesis.
  • The Dynobots chase the Insecticons to Earth. It's assumed the Insecticons are killed, but they start operating underground. Extermination

Pre-Micromasters era

Golddendisk paradron

THREE golden discs, ah ah ah!


Micromasters era

  • Countdown and Skystalker return to Cybertron.
  • Countdown and Big Daddy recruit Micromasters from both sides to stop Skystalker's plans to kill all the guzzlers.
  • Tired of war, Fortress Maximus quits the Autobots.
  • Big Daddy decides to find the truth for himself.


Pre-Great Shutdown

  • Omega Supreme is pushed from being a creature of impulse into a creature of pure technical computation. Original Sin
  • If the Beast Wars happened, they would be happening sometime around now.

Great Shutdown

  • All Transformers deactivate as Cybertron undergoes a new stage in its planetary evolution.
  • An army of Sweeps are released, but all except one go into hibernation.
  • Scourge awakens Shockwave.
  • Scourge saves Shockwave from the Sharkticons.
  • Shockwave turns on Scourge Generation One issue 0; eventually Scourge's presence leads Shockwave to Alpha Trion. Cold War
  • Shockwave installs a High Council of Autobots to help reconstruct Cybertron.
  • Hot Rod's rebel group reawakens Autobot senses and brings awareness of the manner in which Shockwave is oppressing the populace.
  • Scourge makes his way to Earth and attacks Jetfire's ship.
  • Jetfire imprisons Scourge in an Autobot escape pod.
  • Jetfire and the pod are trapped in an avalanche.

Original Sin

Twentieth Century


Prime Directive

Modern era

  • 2002 — Optimus Prime is recovered, and General Hallo summons Spike Witwicky to reactivate him.
  • Megatron escapes Lazarus' control, and turns him into a statue.
  • The Autobots and Decepticons ruin San Francisco for the millionth time. Superion and Devastator are destroyed.

Prime Directive

  • Scourge's pod reactivates, killing some sea-life.

War and Peace

  • Shockwave has all Decepticons and most of the Autobots on Earth brought back to Cybertron.
  • Scourge is captured by the humans.
  • Starscream blasts Megatron into space.
  • Grimlock recovers the Dinobots and returns to Cybertron.
  • Shockwave uploads contents of Vector Sigma to his own laboratories.
  • A signal is sent to Unicron.
  • Shockwave falls down a hole and thus his oppressive regime is overthrown.
  • Starscream and friends returns to Earth.

War and Peace

Generation One (ongoing)


  • Starscream's party overcomes the fact that their transport is alive and manages to make it to Earth, where they scans new alt modes for the Combaticons.
  • Bumblebee and a crew head to Earth on the Orion.
  • An attack on the Ark leaves most of Starscream's Decepticons captured.
  • Bruticus defeats most of the Autobots.
  • The Ark is detonated in an attempt to stop Bruticus (which doesn't work).
  • Sunstorm is activated and arrives on Earth. Night of the Combaticons
  • Sunstorm takes Starscream to some weird goo thing on Earth. Original Sin
  • Starscream causes Sunstorm to detonate crazy, Jetfire prevents the explosion from destroying Earth. Bumblebee deserts the Autobots.
  • Megatron "kills" Wreck-Gar. Runnin' with the Devil
  • Megatron recruits the Predacons and gives them the ability to combine into Predaking. Welcome to the Jungle
  • Megatron steals Shockwave's tiny army from Cybertron and heads to Earth.
  • Prowl also heads to Earth with his own team.

Lost and Found



This was deemed inadmissible in bankruptcy court.

  • Dreamwave goes out of business in a large explosion. Pat Lee and friends walk away smoking possibly with money.

The future

Dw theft

FOUR goddamn discs, ah ah ah!

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