TFSummerSpecial cover

Not "making biscuits."

The Dreamwave Summer Special, released in 2004 by Dreamwave Productions, was a special one-shot issue containing four unrelated stories from different corners of the Transformers mythos. Each story had a single page of information listing the crucial characters, and a recap of the plot of each series thus-far to make each story more accessible to newer readers.

Readers also had the opportunity to fill out a card to vote whether Beast Wars or Robots in Disguise would get a miniseries the following year. Beast Wars won by a large margin but the miniseries was never released due to Dreamwave's closing. A Winter Special follow-up was planned, featuring a story about Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, as well as several character profiles, but like many Dreamwave projects, this was also never released.

The stories included were:

Items of note

  • A press release regarding the Summer Special claimed that the stories within it would never be reprinted anywhere else. With Dreamwave's bankruptcy, this has thus far proved to be accurate.
  • The "Wavelengths" page featured a note from the desk of Don Figueroa, who penciled the Beast Wars segment and the cover.
  • The cover date was May 2004 (released July 8, 2004), with a cover price of U.S. $4.95.


  • The Predacons defeat Megatron, art by Don Figueroa


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