The Earthbound Mini-Cons find themselves as unwilling guests of the ones who crashed on the Moon.


Both the Autobots and Decepticons are frantic to figure out what happened to the Mini-Cons. Prime, as always, has the answer: they've gone to the Moon. Sparkplug told him that when they fled Cybertron, their ship crashed into the Moon and broke in two, with only a small part of it falling to Earth.

Up on the Moon, the captured mini-Cons sit behind a forcefield in a holding cell, wondering who brought them. Leader-1 speculates that they've been deliberately removed from the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons because, as the sum total of Earthbound Mini-Cons, they represent the catalyst for the entire war. Their questions are answered soon, however, with the arrival of the Destruction Team, led by Dualor.

Dualor had them locked up because he wasn't sure how they'd react after being forced off of Earth. He leads Sparkplug, Leader-1, and Runway throughout the massive base that they've been constructing for the last million years. He explains that they've long been preparing for the eventuality that the Decepticons would come after them, and that their base is thoroughly defended. They too received the signal that emanated from Earth when Rad awoke Sparkplug and the Street Action Team (issue #3), but Dualor confesses that he hesitated in bringing them back, thus allowing the war to begin anew. Sparkplug asks him what the difference between them and the Decepticons is, as both groups took them against their will. Dualor responds, "if you can't see the difference between this and living at Optimus Prime's beck and call, or being Megatron's slave, then you've been brainwashed more thoroughly than I realized."

Back at Silver Ridge, Thrust arrives from Cybertron through a space bridge portal, carrying a pair of thrusters for Megatron. The Decepticons take off into space, leaving Demolishor behind to guard their base. They soon arrive at the Moon, where they run into the considerable defenses that the Mini-Cons have employed: floating mine fields, missile launchers, and auto-turrets all do their work, grounding the Decepticon attackers.

Meanwhile, in the Autobot base, Optimus Prime watches via Laserbeak as Hot Shot and Red Alert break into the Decepticon base, his finger hovering over the button that will activate a space bridge portal of their own.

Back on the Moon, Sparkplug asks if they'll be safe. Dualor assures them that they're completely covered by moonrock, reinforced tritanium, and forcefields, and that the Decepticons will never be able to break through. His words prove true, and the Decepticons fall back and regroup. Drill Bit wonders if they'll show the same gusto in fighting off the Autobots, and Dualor responds that they've got a trump card: Rad has been strapped into one of the mines!

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  • Leader-1 mentions that the sum total of Mini-Cons on Earth are present on the moon prison, yet Liftor and Rollbar are absent.
  • Dualor, Drill Bit and Buzzsaw are shown to be in charge of the Mini-Con moon base, but in the second issue of the series, they were still captives of Megatron when the other Mini-Cons escaped Cybertron.

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  • Earth Mini-Cons on the moonbase, art by James Raiz.


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