As the Transformers battle on Earth, a group of Mini-Cons comes to the aid of the Autobots.


A group of junkyard workers discovers Longarm, Jolt, Liftor, and Rollbar living in the yard, and they flee in terror. The Mini-Cons scrounge around for some sort of communication device, and ultimately find a television. Turning it on, they see a news report of Megatron chasing Sparkplug, and decide they need to help.

Meanwhile, the Autobots continue to battle the Decepticons, but Megatron powerlinx with Blackout, Crumplezone, Leader-1, and Swindle, and defeats them with ease. Just as he's about to kill Optimus Prime, the four Mini-Cons from the junkyard arrive and decide to see if the Decepticon rewiring will allow them to powerlinx with the Autobots. It works as intended, and Megatron decides to make a tactical retreat back to Cybertron rather than face the Mini-Con-powered Autobots.

The Mini-Cons say that they're willing to work with the Autobots so long as they're equals rather than slaves. Prime says that the Autobots are not interested in using them as slaves — if they wish to help, it is their choice. He then sends his team out to scan for alternate modes, because he suspects they'll be there for a while...

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Mini-Cons


Optimus: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"
— Now where have we heard that before?


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Items of note

  • This would be the last issue to be penciled by James Raiz or written by Chris Sarracini. Sarracini was permanently replaced by Simon Furman after this issue, while Raiz would later pencil a few covers and eventually pencil an Energon issue, as well as story in the Dreamwave Summer Special.

Covers (1)

  • Mini-Cons looking heroic, art by James Raiz. This may be an homage to another comic.


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