The Autobots try to retrieve a Mini-Con escape pod, but are beset by both an insane Cyclonus and Megatron's orbital cannon.


Cyclonus, driven insane by the power of the Destruction Mini-Con Team, continues to beat up on Thrust. Megatron watches via the camera on his orbital laser, and muses that he knew the Mini-Cons would betray him. He mutters that they'll simply retrieve whatever's left of them and Cyclonus when they're done. Just as he's about to fire, Starscream suggests a new target: the Autobot shuttle en route to Alaska.

Aboard the shuttle, Optimus Prime communicates with the Space Mini-Con Team back at Autobase. They report that the Mini-Cons in the pod are in a protective sleep mode, about two hundred feet under the ice. As for Cyclonus, it seems that the Destruction Team has disabled their safety interlocks, and he is unable to handle so much power.

As the Autobots land and begin the extraction, Megatron obliterates their shuttle, then turns the laser on the crater and starts digging down to the escape pod. Just then, Cyclonus appears, filled with the full power of the Destruction Team. As Hot Shot and Red Alert try to stall him, Prime orders the Space Team to head into orbit and destroy the cannon — once Megatron has uncovered the pod, it's a sure bet he'll turn the laser on the Autobots afterward.

Thrust, meanwhile, wakes up again, takes one look at the situation, and takes off. Realizing that Hot Shot and Red Alert will be unable to stop the insane Cyclonus, Optimus Prime powerlinx with Sparkplug and orders the Mini-Con to give him everything he's got. With a single punch, he puts Cyclonus out of commission, just as the Sky Blast destroys Megatron's satellite. As the Autobots lift the pod out of the crater, Optimus Prime admits his surprise at finding out that Sparkplug was holding back, as he thought they trusted each other. Sparkplug admits that there's a Mini-Con legend about how they have might have the power to either save or destroy the universe. He turns back around to Prime, but the Autobot leader has vanished into thin air.

Optimus Prime, meanwhile, finds himself on Cybertron, and is horrified by what he sees: the entire planet is in ruins, and seems on the verge of exploding!

Elsewhere, in California, a small pod appears out of a dimensional rift. The Mini-Con Over-Run steps out, clutching a triangular device, and says that he must find Optimus Prime and warn him that chaos is coming...

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  • Over-Run's Mini-Con Matrix is triangular in this issue, however, it is shaped like a pentagon in all subsequent issues.

Items of note

  • The Wavelengths page advertises Transformers/G.I. Joe and contains an article from the desk of Simon Furman.

Covers (1)

  • The satellite laser fires at the Autobots, art by Guido Guidi.


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