As Sparkplug and the Space Team race to save Rad, Leader-1 exacts his revenge on Megatron.


On Earth, Rad's parents discuss their son. Apparently Rad wants to be an astronaut, and his father wonders aloud about him being up in space amongst the stars, unaware of the frightening reality of his statement.

Mirage drags Sparkplug towards one of the control rooms as Megatron smashes through the base behind them, chasing down the Mini-Cons that are fleeing for the escape pods. Leader-1 assures him that he has full control of the base. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime is flying towards the Moon, with Carlos and Alexis along for the ride as holographic images. He detects the minefield and prepares to fire a sonic warhead, blasting apart the entire field.

Down in the moonbase, the Space Mini-Con Team is preparing to leave with everyone else, but Sparkplug manages to convince them to stay long enough to help save Rad. They see Optimus Prime approaching and realize that time is running out, and what's more, the override controls are locked out, so they can't simply steer Rad's mine out of orbit remotely. They decide to pull the mines back to a low orbit while Sky Blast manually drags the mine into the Autobot shuttle.

Elsewhere, Leader-1 tells Megatron that the Mini-Cons are all gathering at the escape pods and, as per Megatron's instructions, gives him "directions." However, he leads Megatron to a dead end, seals the room, and turns on the base's defense systems. As Megatron gets assaulted by the full brunt of them, Leader-1 screams that he's putting him through all of the agony, torture, ignominy, and disregard that he himself had been put through by Megatron. Just as he's about to finish him off, though, Dualor regains consciousness and stops him, telling him that he belongs with Megatron. Leader-1 shouts that he has just doomed them all, moments before a very angry Megatron tears his way into the control room. As the last of the Mini-Cons launch their escape pods, Megatron grins as he looks at his new prizes: Leader-1 and the Destruction Mini-Con Team...

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  • Cyclonus' rotor should not be spinning in space.

Items of note

  • As the Space Team is packing their things to leave, one of the items that Sky Blast has is a rubber ducky.
  • The Wavelengths page features an article from the desk of Roger Lee.

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