As Optimus Prime travels to Cybertron for reinforcements, the Decepticons break into the Mini-Con fortress.


Red Alert and Hot Shot have successfully broken into the Decepticon base. As Optimus Prime steps through a space bridge portal to Cybertron, they tell him that they'll make sure to erase the data from the Decepticon computers when he's done.

Up on the Moon, Rad asks why the Destruction Mini-Con Team has him strapped to a mine. They tell him that unlike Sparkplug and the others, they have no compunctions about sacrificing him for their own good. He explains that the monolith was an ark designed to deliver the Mini-Cons to the Moon. While the Decepticons were the initial aggressors, the Autobots too had become dependent on Mini-Con powerlinx augmentation, and so it was best to simply remove them from the equation. On the other side of the Moon, Megatron admits to Cyclonus that he had rushed in unprepared, thinking it would be an easy victory. After a short speech about exploiting weaknesses, he activates a giant drill and begins drilling down into the surface of the Moon. Back inside the holding cell, the Mini-Cons are discussing whether or not their new home is a good thing. Sparkplug remarks that if they're happy, then that's fine, but the real issue is Dualor and the others didn't ask them, they just took them, and that's exactly what they were running from in the first place.

On Cybertron, Optimus Prime has arrived at Autobase and is asking for supplies and reinforcements. Jetfire, however, tells him that while he's welcome to whatever supplies he can find, they're to strapped for troops to send any reinforcements. Down on Earth, Starscream and Thrust have returned to base to procure supplies. They discover that Demolishor has been taken out by Autobots. Starscream rushes in, guns blazing, only to have Thrust chew him out for shooting up their own control room, as the Autobots are long gone. In reality, they're hiding behind an access panel. Suddenly, the computer lights up: it has detected Optimus Prime's return portal. Desperate to prevent the Decepticons from getting the location data, Hot Shot and Red Alert burst out of their hiding place and attack, hoping to distract them long enough.

Up on the Moon, Mirage lies to Dualor, telling him that all of the captured Mini-Cons are coming around, even Sparkplug and Leader-1. They don't have time to consider this, however, as an explosion rocks the base: Megatron has broken through to the holding cell! He orders Leader-1 to shut down the security, which he willingly does. Sparkplug tries to stop him, but Mirage steps out of the illusory wall behind him, telling him that Dualor and the others have gone too far, and that they have to save Rad. Before Sparkplug can grasp this, Mirage pulls him through the wall as the Adventure Mini-Con Team arrives and attacks Megatron.

On Earth, Optimus Prime tells Carlos and Alexis that though he hasn't been able to get any reinforcements, he did come back with a shuttle that can get them to the Moon. Dualor and the Destruction Team release the orbital mines, and are just about to send a message to the Autobots about Rad when they are fired upon from behind. Leader-1 steps into the control room, telling them to watch as he shows them "how to really turn up the heat".

Featured characters

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Items of note

  • Cameos: Blackout (in a flashback), Blurr and Side Swipe (on monitors)
  • The shuttle that Prime procures from Cybertron looks very much like the Ark.
  • This issue marks the first month for Wavelengths, which features a letter from the desk of Pat Lee.

Covers (1)

  • The Destruction Team stand above a defeated Optimus Prime, art by Guido Guidi.


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