The Decepticons begin their conquest of Cybertron by rounding up Mini-Cons.


Hot Shot speeds through Cyber City on Cybertron with urgent news for Optimus Prime. He shows him a video disc of a Mini-Con distress call in which Leader-1 speaks of an evil race of Transformers, called Decepticons, that has been attacking Mini-Con villages and taking them captive. The video ends with an enormous hand closing around him, and Prime says that this is indeed a problem.

Meanwhile, another Mini-Con village is attempting to defend themselves. Longarm relates a story told to him by a friend of his who escaped from the Decepticons: he said that the Decepticons were experimenting on the Mini-Cons, retooling them and rewiring them so that they could extract their power and use it for themselves. Soon after, the village is attacked by Cyclonus and Demolishor, who take them all captive — save Sparkplug, who was buried under the wreckage. They contact Megatron to tell him they're finished, and Megatron responds that it is time to declare war...

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  • Longarm yells, "We're finished" to some other Mini-Cons... including himself!
  • All of the main cast, barring Megatron, have their Earth bodies (including their alternate forms of cars and Earth vehicles) millions of years before they travel there.

Items of note

Covers (2)

DW Armada 1Don

Braveheart with 'bots

  • Gatefold cover: 3-panel foldout of main characters posing, art by James Raiz.
  • Foil cover: 2-panel of main characters in a battle standoff, art by Don Figueroa.


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