When cross-marketing goes horribly right.

DreamMix TV World Fighters is a video game; a joint production between Hudson Soft, Konami, and Takara, utilizing characters from all three companies. Available only for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 platforms in Japan, it was a fighting game in the style of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., allowing several people to battle chaotically at once.

The game included eleven normal fighters and six additional hidden characters, with two Transformers amongst the total seventeen.


DreamMix TV is a television station which broadcasts a weekly sports entertainment program called World Fighters. In order to improve the show's ratings, a variety of famous people from different walks of life are invited onto the show in the hopes the fights between them would draw more impressive ratings.

Despite this unusual plan, a number of people accept...and the battles are begun!

Playable characters

  • Konami
    • Moai (Gradius franchise, hidden character)
    • Power Pro-kun (Jikkyō Powerful Pro franchise)
    • Simon (Castlevania franchise)
    • Snake (Metal Gear franchise, hidden character)
    • TwinBee (Twinbee franchise)

Other characters



Mmm. G2-y.

  • Besides appearances of Optimus Prime and Megatron, Devastator is the focus of a stage, the battle taking place on scaffolding surrounding him. While not very interesting on its own, Devastator is in his Generation 2 colors—a version of the toy that Japan did not get.
  • There is great attention to detail in terms of the color schemes used for Megatron and Optimus Prime, featuring some obscure deco choices.

It's a very exclusive club.

Optimus Prime:
  • Regular (red, blue)
  • Powered Convoy/Diaclone Ultra Magnus (blue, black)
  • JAF-CON Black Convoy (black, black)
  • Shining Ultra Magnus (light yellow, black with orange tint)
  • In spite of having two Ultra Magnus-inspired color schemes, he always calls up his regular trailer (colored accordingly) regardless.

Little does the crowd know they are cheering on their destroyer. Hah.

  • Regular (silver chrome, red)
  • Japanese first release/Megaplex (flat gray, blue)
  • Gold (gold, gold)
  • e-Hobby Black Megatron (silver chrome, black)

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