The Autobots go undersea to salvage a vital component stolen by Dreadwing.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1990
Preceded by: Trigger-Happy!
Followed by: Chain Gang!

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencillers: Dan Reed
Lettering: GLIB
Colouring: Euan Peters


The Aerialbots shoot down Dreadwing over an ocean... which is unfortunate, since he's carrying a power cell needed to power life support machines for a human that the Autobots injured while chasing Decepticons. Optimus Prime and the other Powermasters go undersea to salvage the component, only to run into the Seacons.

The Autobots are outnumbered and disadvantaged, as the Seacons are in their native territory underwater. To make matters worse, the Autobots' Nebulan partners only have a 30-minute air supply, and time is running out. Prime sends the Nebulans to salvage the component, even though this will leave the Autobots underpowered, easy pickings for the Seacons. The four Nebulans quickly overpower Hi-Test and Throttle and head for the surface, fretting that they've left their Autobot allies to die. But Prime and the others soon surface -- with the component gone, the Seacons decided that saving Dreadwing and the two Nebulans was a much higher priority.


  • Is it a "component", a "power cell", or an "isotope"?


  • Hi-Test and Throttle plan to absorb energy from the power cell, obviating their need to consume mass quantities of food, a problem originally brought up in People Power!.

Items of note

  • Much like Prime Bomb!, placing this story within the main UK comic continuity is a little tricky, mainly due to the presence of both Quake and Dreadwing on Earth. Neither was ever shown working with Earth's Decepticons in the main comic storyline.
  • Apart from that problem, the story occurs somewhere between Enemy Action! (the Seacons' first appearance) and Cold War!, whose storyline concludes with the Underbase Saga slaughter.
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