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The name or term Dreadwing refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dreadwing (disambiguation).

Dreadwing is the split spark twin brother of Skyquake. He was once captain of a Seeker armada. He is an expert in explosives. Like Skyquake, Dreadwing is intensely loyal to Megatron, though his loyalty to his twin may be stronger. Unlike his brother, Dreadwing is better at keeping his temper in check.

Unlike most Decepticons, Dreadwing has a sense of honor, a great deal of tactical knowledge and knows when a battle is lost. Also, if a mission goes south, he is willing to let the Autobots live if it means the survival of the Decepticon cause.


Prime cartoon

Dreadwing and Skyquake were created from two halves of the same life force which created them. Even across the galaxy, they could sense each other. Loose Cannons

Dreadwing sensed his brothers emergence from stasis on Earth, Masters & Students and his subsequent demise, from across the galaxy, and set out to seek confirmation. Loose Cannons

While heading for Earth, he stopped to kill Autobot Wrecker Seaspray and Wheeljack. Though he succeeded in killing Seaspray, Wheeljack was able to escape and pursed him across one hundred light years of space before he was shot down on Earth. After they crashed, the two engaged in a fire fight, but Dreadwing was soon out numbered by four Autobots and Agent Fowler. Outnumbered, Dreadwing scanned Fowler's jet and took off. Using his cell phone, he contacted the Nemesis and met Megatron, who confirmed the death of his twin brother, Skyquake, and vowed to destroy all Autobots as an act of revenge.

Despite Megatron insisting he not engage the Autobots outside of orders, Dreadwing planed to kill Optimus Prime by strapping a bomb to Bulkhead. He proposed a challenge to Wheeljack which he accepted. Dreadwing was able to overpower him and Bulkhead and took the big Wrecker as bait for a trap. When Wheeljack, along with Optimus Prime who had accompanied Wheeljack, found Bulkhead, Dreadwing had attached a bomb to him as part of a trap to kill both of them. Wheeljack attempted to disable the bomb strapped to Bulk but realized that only Dreadwing knew how. Megatron then contacted him and told him to stop but when Dreadwing insisted he could win, Megatron relented (secretly doubting his survival). Optimus Prime tried to make Dreadwing see reason but Dreadwing engaged the three bots. The three bots defeated Dreadwing and pinned him under machinery, forcing him to either deactivate the bomb or die along with them. Soundly beaten, Dreadwing returned to Megatron, who was pleased his underling learned a harsh lesson, and vowed to only obey his Master, no longer seeking revenge for his brother. Loose Cannons

Airachnid's betrayal prompted Megatron to have her rubbed out before she could make a move against him. He assigned Dreadwing and Breakdown to finish her off in his stead, considering Dreadwing as her replacement. While there however Airachnid taunted Breakdown into attacking her, Dreadwing fought her and managed to shoot off one of her spider legs but was caught in a web. Breakdown then ran after her, leaving Dreadwing but was killed by the spider bot, who falls into the hands of MECH. While Megatron was yelling at Dreadwing they were contacted by Airachnid and Megatron left to deal with her himself, ordering Dreadwing to not follow. As Megatron was pinned down by the Autobots, Dreadwing arrived with back-up, promising not to harm anyone if Megatron was returned. Optimus agreed, but Megatron fired on the Autobots anyway. Megatron escaped during the confusion along with Dreadwing and was impressed by his disobeying a direct order; "You'll make a good First Lieutenant". Crossfire


A bit later, the Nemesis had crashed due to recent events and sustained heavy damage. Dreadwing informed Megatron of the full extent of the damage. Not wanting the ship to be destroyed, Megatron infused his recently acquired Dark Energon to re-power the ship to which Dreadwing witnessed.

He also witnessed the ship's new stasis beam cannon disable all the Autobots. However, when Megatron wanted to reclaim his Spark Extractor from the Autobots, the ship being to change course. Eventually the ship talked and warned all Decepticons to not to interfere with his gathering of the remaining Iacon artifacts.


Dreadwing assessed that the ship was heading there to get the artifact to claim it for himself. Dreadwing attempted to stop the ship with a squad of troops but was put in stasis. He started to recover after Jack disabled the ship's Dark Energon influence. Flying Mind

After being freed from stasis, Megatron sent Dreadwing to the arctic to claim one of the four relics whose locations had been decoded by the ship. In the Arctic, Dreadwing and his Vehicon entourage found Starscream, who had used a GroundBridge to get there. He then arrested the traitor, to be taken back to the Nemesis. However, after discovering the relic had been taken by humans, Optimus Prime drove out and battled the Vehicons and Dreadwing, ending the fight by burying the Decepticon under an avalanche he created. Optimus and Starscream then left to find the relic.

After recovering, Dreadwing discovered tracks left by Starscream and Optimus, and flew off in pursuit. Upon arriving at the now-evacuated human camp, he and Optimus did battle. While they were distracted, Starscream was able to free and activate the relic: the Apex Armor. Since Starscream now out-powered the two of them, Dreadwing and Optimus were forced into a temporary alliance in order to defeat him. They managed to do so when Dreadwing surrounded him with several of his bombs and set them off, causing Starscream to plunge down the hole created by the explosion and into the ocean. Having failed to recover the relic and vowing to kill Optimus the next time they met, Dreadwing then flew off. Triangulation

Dreadwing is later sent out to retrieve the second of the four Omega Keys, which is located in a forest. When Bulkhead and Smokescreen arrive, he has set several of his bombs up on the various trees. They are able to escape these, however, and Smokescreen heads for the relic while Bulkhead faces Dreadwing. The pair's battle ends when Dreadwing is blown up by one of his own bombs. When he finally arrives at the location of the relic, it has already been take. Hard Knocks

While Megatron was searching for Starscream's motives for wanting to rejoin the Decepticons, Dreadwing interrupted Knock Out as he was about to disconnect the cable. However, he was in the room when Starscream revealed the true fate of his twin, which angered him. Patch As a result, he decided to betray the Decepticons by both stealing the Forge of Solus Prime, giving it to the Autobots and by attempting to kill Starscream. Megatron interfered by demanding that he stop, but when Dreadwing refused, he was shot fatally through the Spark chamber with his own gun, picked up by Megatron. Regeneration



  • Dreadwing (Powerizer, 2012)
A blue redeco of Skyquake with clear yellow parts
  • Dreadwing (Commander, 2013)

Prime: Beast Hunters

  • Dreadwing (Deluxe, 2013)

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Just like Starscream, Dreadwing is a Seeker, though Dreadwing seems to be a higher rank. Ironically Dreadwing, would also take Starscreams place of second-in-command.
  • He is voiced by Tony Todd, who voiced the Fallen, Megatron's master in the Revenge of the Fallen film. Only this time, Todd voiced someone whose master is Megatron. Karma much?
  • Dreadwing's knowledge of his brother Skyquake's demise is due to a shared spark between the two and Dreadwing was able to "feel" Skyquake's death. This relation between the two is similar to the relation between Rampage and Dinobot II, who also shared a spark.
  • When Megatron takes Dreadwing with him to Cybertron in order to obtain the "power" of a Prime, they enter a tomb, to which Dreadwing expresses that places like that evoke strong emotions in him. This could indicate that Dreadwing did not like the decision to place Skyquake in stasis on Earth.