Dreadwing is a Decepticon in the live-action Transformers film continuity family and ALSO a bunch of mass-produced drones on both sides.


Dreadwing isn't particularly smart, which makes people wonder where he got the technology that allows him to teleport. He obviously didn't invent it himself, and no one else on either side of the war has the ability, so all signs point toward him having stolen it. He's not really liked by his fellow Decepticons, because of his penchant to perform nasty pranks on them as often as he does it on Autobots. As such, most of his time is spent alone, plotting his nasty schemes and spiking other robots' gas tanks with sugar. He's not the first one to pull off stunts like that. They work like Decepticon Jumptroopers.

Dreadwing commands an army of identical drones, all bearing his design, and all controlled by him. This gives him a lot of pull with the 'Cons, due to the sheer number of warriors he can call in.


Live-action film continuity

IDW Publishing

A fleet of Decepticon Dreadwings (or Decepticon drones of Dreadwing's model) were present at the Battle of Tyger Pax. They shot some Autobots, killing one. Most followed Bumblebee's and Arcee's squad down into the AllSpark chamber, but were presumably destroyed when the Autobots brought the place crashing down. Prime Directive #1

A non-drone Dreadwing (the original that the drones are based on) spotted the All Spark and Megatron pursuing it, and reported it to Starscream. Before Starscream's ship could reach them, however, an Autobot ship released an explosive concussion chain, which badly damaged both Dreadwing and the Decepticon ship. Starscream then ordered for the ship to return for maintenance and Scorponok to retreive Dreadwing's body for repairs, as a result he was left behind when the Nemesis was able to follow the Autobots trail once more. Dreadwing was later among those present to welcome Starscream on his return to Cybertron. Dreadwing offered to transfer the data from Frenzy's databanks and deliver it to Starscream, and also checked on Starscream's well-being after hearing an explosion. The Reign of Starscream #3



When Starscream's Allspark failed, Dreadwing revealed he had used his massive drone army to take over the Cybertronian Decepticons, and, seemingly resentful of having been left behind when the Nemesis was launched, tried to use his troops to take down Starscream's team. Among those following Dreadwing's lead, aside from his drones, were Ramjet, Payload and presumably Swindle. However, Starscream and his loyal soldiers proved a challenge, and when the Autobots managed to deactivate the drones, Dreadwing made a run for his ship. Starscream followed, and Dreadwing tried to kill him using the transwarp energy from the space bridge. The ship arrived at the Mars terminal, destroyed, but with Dreadwing still intact. Unfortunately, so was Starscream, who ripped out his spark core and crushed it, killing him. The Reign of Starscream Issue Number Five

After his death, Starscream decapitates Dreadwing and holds his head has a trophy. Transformers Alliance issue 1 Later, Soundwave finds the head and scans it before tossing it . Transformers Alliance issue 2

Titan Magazines

Grey Dreadwing drones were sent in their dozens in constant attacks on Optimus Prime. He was able to shoot at them whilst simultaneously punching the head off another drone because he's bloody hard. Poor Dreadwing. Transformers Comic issue 1

In the alternate reality where the Decepticons won, purple Dreadwing drones patrol the skies of the conquered United States of America.

There was also a sentient non-drone Dreadwing, coloured in a blue-grey camo pattern. He was one of Megatron's main troops, on equal rank with Starscream, and able to command Decepticon drone units in battle. Alongside Starscream, he was dispatched to prevent a NATO nuclear strike. Transformers Comic issue 9 They and their Thundercracker troops managed to wipe out the NATO fleet within ten minutes, and then Dreadwing carried out his primary goal - the obliteration of the French government and NATO chiefs in Paris. Transformers Comic issue 10

When Starscream assumed power, Dreadwing assisted him in bombing valuable infrastructure in the liberated United States. Transformers Comic issue 14 He later attempted and failed to secure the energon-spewing Okeechobee, alongside a drone unit. Transformers Comic issue 16


Battle for the Allspark online game

Dreadwing head

Dreadwing units can be either Autobot (top) or Decepticon (bottom).

There are also lots of Autobot Dreadwings. While the Decepticon Dreadwings have camera lens-like faces, the Autobot Dreadwings have a head with a faceplate. They also have slightly different bellies. Dreadwings of both sides have an equal of Attack & Speed abilities, with little defence.

Transformers The Game (console)

Dreadwings appear as solo attackers for both the Autobot and Decepticon armies. Aside from the faceplate differences, Decepticon Dreadwings have a gray camo deco, while the Autobot versions are blue and yellow "Blue Angels" markings. Both are shielded against artillery in robot mode.

Their main weapon is a deadly flamethrower built into each arm. It has limited range, but hoo doggies does it hurt. They are also capable of creating a burning ring of fire by launching into the air then coming down slowly in robot form. They can't be hit with melee attacks while their flame throwers are in use. The only way to stop the flame throwers is to throw something at them, which will leave them vulnerable to melee attacks.

Autobot versions of the drone commonly accosted Starscream while he completed his objectives at a military airfield. The good thing about this is that if you time it right, you can shoot them out of the sky, watching them catch fire and explode. Fun. Both sides used the drones as backups during the final showdown in Mission City.

During the final battle at Mission City, Jazz encountered two Decepticon versions individually. He beat the two of them, as well as Starscream and Blackout.


Transformers (2007)


Not Frankenstein.

  • Dreadwing (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-15
    • Accessories: 2 "flame" missiles
Dreadwing transforms into a MiG-29 "Fulcrum" fighter jet. He's the Decepticon version.
His exhaust flames serve dual purpose as firing missiles in both modes. In robot mode, these represent the flamethrower attack from the video game. His chest also has a spring-loaded Automorph gimmick, opening up and revealing more robot parts.
This mold was later used to make Overcast and Fearswoop.


  • Dreadwing (3D Battle Card, 2007)

Dreadwing's card is the same as Starscream, Thundercracker,and Jetfire, but is grey. His card art was done by Lucio Parrillo.


  • Dreadwing's drones are apparently known as 'Class Alpha' drone units and make up the backbone of the Decepticons drones.
  • The subtle differences between Dreadwing and the Class Alpha drone units are an appearance of purple bits on the drone commander, more spiky head chevrons, and something resembling eyebrow articulation that is absent in the drones. One must be able to express all those emotions when thinking and independent, apparently.
  • His death is somewhat similar to The Fallen's: Optimus rips off his face and removes and crushes his spark, which kills him.
  • Dreadwing himself was once one of the 'Class Alpha' drone units, which all look like him. He developed into a sentient Decepticon warrior by unknown means and was then made commander of the entire Decepticon drone army. The Reign of Starscream

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