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Dreadwing is an emotionless clone of Mirage who is noted as a creature of pure evil even amongst his fellow Decepticons, bringing a chill to all who encounter him. Unleashed like a plague upon the Autobots, he fights artistically in pursuit of the systematic termination of his enemies. Caring nothing for the Decepticon cause, his only purpose in life is the destruction of anyone who stands in his path. A path marked by the footsteps of doom!



  • Dreadwing (Mega, 2004)
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
Dreadwing is a redeco of the Energon Mirage toy, transforming into a Cybertronic speedboat/hydrofoil. Pressing a button on his deck causes a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers to pop up; this assembly forms a backpack for robot mode that turns them into over-shoulder cannons. The boat's rear section features another pair of spring-loaded missile launchers, plus fold-down "flight wings". These form forearm-mounted weapons in robot mode.


  • Dreadwing's tech specs card shows "?" for every one of his ratings. Spooooooky.
  • In "Force of Habit", two unnamed Decepticon "gunboats" attack the Iron Hope. It has been revealed by the authors that they are supposed to be Dreadwing and Sharkticon.

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