Triangulation Dreadwing Sword

Dreadwing possessed a sword which he could use for combat when needed.



Dreadwing took out his sword to fight Optimus Prime. Later, Dreadwing almost made a killing blow with his sword on Optimus, but was intervened by Starscream, who donned the apex armor. After defeating Starscream, Dreadwing took out his sword again on Optimus. Optimus did not fight Dreadwing and Dreadwing spared Optimus because he saved Dreadwing's life.


Dreadwing used his sword on Starscream. Starscream attempted to defend himself against it but failed. Megatron then entered the room and ordered Dreadwing to stand down. However, Dreadwing, being consumed with vengeance, did not comply which resulted in him being shot in the chest by Megatron his own gun.


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