This article is about the Dreadnoks, which includes a human named Torch. For the Recyclon from the Legends anthology, see Torch (Recyclon).

The Dreadnoks are affiliates of Cobra in the Generation One continuity family.


From left to right: Ripper, Torch, and Buzzer

The Dreadnoks are a mercenary biker gang often employed by Cobra. They love grape soda, chocolate covered donuts, and destroying things—not necessarily in that order, but all at once if possible. They'd really like that. They are led by Zartan, and their members include the disgruntled intellectual Buzzer, the vicious Tasmanian Ripper, the pyromaniac Torch, and Zartan's sibling Zarana.


Marvel Generation One comics


Don't mess with these guys. They wear cutoffs.

The Dreadnoks Torch, Ripper, and Buzzer were ordered to monitor the unveiling of the powerful energy-creating device Power Station Alpha, but since they were bored, they blew their cover and attacked it on their motorcycles. After being forced to retreat when their "plan" was ruined by G.I. Joe, they failed to take potshots at a little yellow car and then were chewed out by Zarana. Blood on the Tracks

Great job, guys!

Torch, Ripper, and Buzzer were on Cobra Island later when the Decepticon/Cobra alliance was formed. Torch remarked that Shockwave looked like "an overgrown Tinker Toy." Buzzer told him to shut up, in case the Decepticon leader overheard. Ashes, Ashes...

After the treachery of the Decepticons was revealed, Cobra found itself allied with both G.I. Joe and the Autobots against them. After having retreated to the Autobots' headquarters on Earth, the Ark, the ground trembled underneath the feet underneath them, due to the effects of the renegade Power Station Alpha. Torch feared the giant robots surrounding them would topple over, sealing their doom. ...All Fall Down!

G.I.Joe vs the Transformers


Post-apocalyptic futures are not kind to Ripper, Buzzer, and Torch's body parts.

Despite defeating Cobra and the Decepticons two years ago, G.I. Joe was still hunting down rogue Cobra members who had stolen away with Transformers technology. Stalker, Scarlett, and Beachhead invaded a Boston warehouse, finding Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch. These Dreadnoks had replaced their arms with prosthetic cyborg weapon-limbs. G.I. Joe defeated them (with the help of Transformers technology of their own) and the Dreadnoks were taken into custody. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II, part 1

After an explosive accident with Teletran 3 that flung dozens of Transformers into the past and future of Earth, Barbecue, Spirit, Tomax and Xamot, and Dr. Mindbender traveled into the future to retrieve Ratchet. In this timeline, a severely disfigured Duke led a resistance movement (consisting of further cyborg-ized Dreadnoks riding Junkions) against the ruling Decepticons. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II, part 3

Transformers/G.I. Joe

The mercenary Dreadnoks confronted Lady Jaye on the Fera Islands alongside Zartan and Major Bludd. She beat them all with a pointy stick. The Iron Fist

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