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This article is about Decepticon subgroup from Dark of the Moon. For planet, see Dread (planet).

The Dreads are a Decepticon subgroup from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

The Dreads are a unit of fearful Decepticons specialized in assassination and stealth tactics. They were mostly killed by the Autobots.


Dark of the Moon

With the retrieval and reactivation of Sentinel Prime from the wreckage of the Ark on Earth's moon by Optimus Prime and Ratchet, Megatron's plan for the Space Bridge was set into motion. Needing Sentinel for his control pillar to activate the ones the Decepticons had taken from the Ark decades ago, the Dreads were sent to secure the former Autobot leader.

Chasing the Autobots down a highway, the Dreads attacked, but despite their best efforts, Hatchet was soon killed and the survivors were eventually confronted by Ironhide, backed up by Sideswipe. Unlikely to match Ironhide's heavy firepower, Crankcase and Crowbar dropped their weapons, but as soon as the Autobots followed suit, the Dreads deployed hidden explosive spears and attacked, injuring Ironhide.

Unfortunately, Sideswipe managed to deflect the spear thrown at him and tossed his gun to Ironhide, who used it to kill Crowbar before turning on Crankcase. For his troubles, Crankcase was impaled in the face with Crowbar's spear, thrown onto an abandoned car and destroyed after Ironhide kicked the resulting wreckage into a nearby auto shop.


They are trained in every Decepticon fighting style and vicious tactics. They transform into Chevrolet Suburbans with police sirens with Decepticon logos marked on their vehicle modes.


The leader of the Dreads. Armed with razor sharp blades and a chain-gun, Crankcase fulfills his role as the deadly leader of the Dreads.
The second-in-command and strategist of the group. Armed with deadly spears and large guns, Crowbar proves himself to be very dangerous.
The Dread's hunting dog.
A Decepticon thug and he transforms into a rusty Volkswagen Microbus Type 2.
A monstrous Decepticon commando and he transforms into a Chevrolet Tahoe emergency vehicle.
  • An enforcer
  • Several assaulters



  • Each Dread member bears resemblances to the Predator from the Predator film franchise, including the mandibles around their mouths and the "dreadlocks" around their heads. Crankcase resembles the original Predator, while Crowbar could be the Predalien since he has longer dreadlocks, and Hatchet resembles the Predator dogs in the 2010 film Predators.
  • Another alien species that the humanoid Dreads resemble are the Ceph from the game Crysis series, including their reverse jointed knees, their four eyes, and their voices with the metallic echo. Their "dreadlocks" also slightly resemble the Ceph's tentacles that emerge from their backs.
  • The two humanoid Dreads are very acrobatic, as they can perform flips and kicks when battling.
  • The Dreads seem intended to be the Decepticon counterpart to the Autobot Wreckers. Both teams have three members, but with the Dreads acting more like Autobots, having simple, unassuming vehicle modes and using stealth as opposed to force, and the Wreckers acting like Decepticons, having obvious weapon-mounted vehicle modes and using excessive force and violence as opposed to caution.
  • Through there were only three members in the film, it was believed to have more Dreads in the game and in the series.
  • All of them seem to have the same style of teeth for some reason.
  • Of them, only Hatchet has a commander class toy. Crankcase and Crowbar both have Legion class. Hatchet also has gold secondary coloration compared to the silver of the other two. The reason for Hatchet's irregularities are currently unknown.

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