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Drancron was once a Decepticon but is now a Blendtron from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The artwork is as muddled as the toy.

Created by Unicron and by his dark power, Drancron (ドランクロン Dorankuron) and the Blendtrons are the next level of Transformer warriors. Like the other Blendtrons, Drancron was engineered to feel no remorse for his actions, no sympathy for others, and absolutely no respect for life. He is a mostly silent warrior who moves swiftly and makes little to no sound. His presence cannot be detected even when he's standing right behind the enemy. As a servant of Unicron, the destruction of every living being on Cybertron is his single motivating goal.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Shinji Uchida (Japanese)

Mysterious Beast Warriors!? The Stolen Capsules Pursue the Blendtrons! Angered Magmatron Hallucination? Lio Convoy Unicron Revived!?

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Beast Wars Neo comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

At the end of the Great War a disillusioned Decepticon lost himself in the dark underground gladiatorial games beneath Cybertron. He sopped his wounds in honorable mortal combat and forgot the military life that had failed him. His signature move was to decapitate his opponents when they lost, earning him the nickname "the Drancutter". Not surprisingly, Unicron saw potential there. He captured Drancron and transformed him with his dark power. Gone now were all thoughts of honor, and in their place, his already great lust for battle was amplified to an immeasurable degree. Drancron now lives only for the kill. And for Unicron. Beast Wars Sourcebook

Drancron, with Elephorca and Rartorata, brought Angolmois capsules to Shokaract on the orders of Unicron, priming him as a "vessel". The Ascending #1 The Ascending #2

At Unicron's command, the Blendtrons went to prehistoric Earth, attacking the Maximals and Predacons stranded there. Drancron was apparently killed when Spittor knocked him into his teammate Rartorata's stinger, which caused a violent reaction in the Angolmois powering his body. The explosion wiped him, Rartorata, Spittor, and Lazorbeak out. The Ascending #3 The Ascending #4


  • Drancron
    • Japanese ID number: X-8
    • Accessories: "Clap Missile"
Drancron is a redeco of the Beast Wars Deluxe Fuzor Sky Shadow, transforming into a beast mode that is a combination of lizard and dragonfly parts. He can fire a pressure-launch "Clap Missile" from his robot mode mouth (which forms his tail in beast mode), and his right forearm takes the form of an enormous claw known as the "Drancutter".


  • It is often thought that the beast-mode head forms Sky Shadow/Drancron's left hand. However, a set of (immobile) claws are molded into the wrist behind the head, giving them a somewhat more "normal" hand. Thankfully the Beast Wars Neo model catches this.

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