BHtoy Deluxe Ratchet

An archaic surgical tool, the Dragonshredder Drill may not be suited for precise operations, but it is nevertheless an excellent aid for treating the wounded. Its spinning can create a painless anesthetic vortex, and the drill can split open to reveal a cannon that can shoot pellets filled with healing nano-robots.

That's not to say it can't make a decently powerful weapon, however. The anesthetic vortex can easily disable its "patients", and the nano-robots can be programmed to do the opposite of "repairing". Useful for both support and offense, the Dragonshredder Drill is an ideal device for Autobot Ratchet.


Beast Hunters

  • Autobot Ratchet (Deluxe, 2013)
    • Series / Number: 2 / 010
    • Accessories: Dragonshredder Drill
Part of the third wave of Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class toys, "Autobot Ratchet" is a redeco and extensive retool of the "Robots in Disguise" Deluxe Class Autobot Ratchet toy. He comes with the "Dragonshredder Drill", a tool which mounts via 5mm post, and can be opened to reveal a quad-barreled cannon inside. It can spin in both modes when a plunger to the side is pushed.


  • Coupled with Ratchet looking a fair bit like Beast Wars Dinobot II, the Dragonshredder Drill also greatly resembles the Dinobot toy's Cyber-slash tail weapon.
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