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Dr. Susan Hoffman is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

This never would've happened if Winston had been there.

Dr. Susan Hoffman is an archaeologist and explorer. She doesn't like to dilly-dally and prefers to get directly to the point on all matters.

Strictly by happenstance, many of her expeditions have thrown her into contact with the Transformers, much to her dismay. While she does get along with the Autobots, the fact that their intergalactic war with the Decepticons continually interrupts her next big discoveries drives her up the wall.


Marvel Comics (UK) continuity[]

While exploring ancient Roman tunnels beneath the streets of London, Dr. Susan Hoffman encountered an ancient relic of a decidedly different kind than she was expecting - a deranged clone of Megatron, who lashed out, collapsing a portion of the tunnels and killing the rest of her exploration team.


Short skirts and bigs guns are a winning combination.

Fleeing to the surface, Hoffman called upon the anti-terrorist squad Action Force and ventured back into the tunnels with them, attacking what they believe to be the clone, but which was in actuality the Protectobot Blades, investigating matters himself. When "Megatron" then attacked and a larger battle erupted between him, Action Force, the Autobots, and the mechanoid Centurion, Hoffman fled. Ancient Relics!

Some time later, investigating the unnatural eruption of Mount Verona, Susan discovered the author of the event, Galvatron, entombed in lava within the volcano alongside his constant foe, Ultra Magnus. Susan showcased her find on Ladies' Night, a TV vehicle of reporter Joy Meadows, which caught the attention of viewer Cindy Newell - both Joy and Cindy had also encountered the Transformers before, and Cindy recognised Galvatron from the previous battle that ended with the volcano's eruption.

Cindy headed for the volcano, arriving at the same time as two other groups who had witnessed the broadcast - the Combaticons, charged with destroying Galvatron, and Blaster and the Throttlebots, who ultimately chose not to act on the possibility of rescuing Ultra Magnus for fear Galvatron would be saved as well. Susan, Cindy and Joy instead took matters into their own hands, commandeering some military vehicles from the army cordon surrounding the volcano and attacking the Combaticons with them.

Susan, in particular, sought to save the greatest archaeological find of her career, and sent jeeps loaded with explosives careening down the mountain into Swindle and Onslaught, but a mis-judged tank blast from the other two women saw Susan caught in one of the explosions and captured by Onslaught. Impressed by her fortitude, Onslaught considered it a pity to have to kill her, but was prevented from making good on his threat by the return of the Throttlebots, who saw off the Decepticons. Ladies' Night

Dr. Hoffman's last recorded encounter with the Transformers happened while she and her assistants were in search of the Juluth tribe. The mountains they were searching also happened to be where the corpse of Starscream had crashed after the Underbase incident. The Juluth tribe thought the giant walking corpse shooting everything was a sign from the heavens and they attempted to sacrifice Hoffman's assistants. Hoffman and the Triggerbots defeated Starscream's zombie and saved her assistants. Race with the Devil

Related Characters[]

Dr. Hoffman's Assistants[]


Who ya gonna call?

Dr. Hoffman's assistants include three scientists with a tendency to be involved with paranormal activity and some random chick.

The four assistants accompanied archaeologist Dr. Susan Hoffman on an expedition for the Juluth tribe. They were soon greeted by the reanimated corpse of Starscream. The Juluth tribe considered the giant walking robot zombie that was screaming and destroying everything to be a sign from the heavens, so they figured sacrifices were in order. All four of Dr. Hoffman's assistants were taken hostage by the tribesmen and tied to the ground, prepared to be stabbed through the heart.

Luckily, the Triggerbots arrived and sorted things out just in the nick of time to save themselves and Dr. Hoffman's assistants.