Dr. Sōji Yoshikawa is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

You Asians and your MATH!

Dr. Sōji Yoshikawa (吉川惣司) works at Shibuya Manufacturing (渋谷電気工業製作所). He is very gifted in science and technology, able to brainstorm with the Autobots on a competent level.


Cartoon continuity

Voice Actor: Walker Edmiston (US), Kenyū Horiuchi (Japan)

After Kremzeek trashed his company, he helped the Autobots defeat Kremzeek.

Kiss Players (Japan)

Dr. Yoshikawa went on to breed Kremzeeks in captivity and created the Yoshikawa Type 5 Auto-Kremzeek Launcher for the Earth Defense Command. The weapon is wielded by Autrooper units and fires a ceramic shell that shatters on impact, unleashing the Kremzeek inside to absorb the electrical energy of any mechanoid it strikes.


The character is named after the real-life animator Sōji Yoshikawa, a co-worker of writer David Wise when they were both working at DIC Entertainment.

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