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This article is about the female scientist from the G.I. Joe/Generation 2 crossover. For the male scientist from Energon, see Dr. Brian Jones.

Doctor Biggles-Jones is a human from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Here I go, here I go, here I go again. Girls, what's my weakness? Men!

Doctor Sidney Biggles-Jones is a Cobra scientist. The designer of an electromagnetic railgun, Dr. Biggles-Jones's dedication to technology has given her uncanny bravery even in the face of seemingly insurmountable threats. She knows that science can level all playing fields; if one side is more advanced, victory for the other side is a simple matter of understanding the opponent's technology. Far from a shut-in, Dr. Biggles-Jones is in peak physical condition and knows how to carry, aim, and fire a weapon half her size.

She also wears knee-high boots, tights, and a stunning, contour-hugging one-piece under her open, flowing lab coat.


Marvel Comics continuity

G.I. Joe Starring Snake-Eyes and Transformers Generation 2

If she was a president, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln.

After he was injured by a railgun (designed by Doctor Biggles-Jones) while approaching Destro's castle, Megatron made a deal with Cobra Commander. He would trade Cybertronic technology from the Ark for a new body which would incorporate the railgun. Realignments When given her first glimpse of the wonders of the Ark, the doctor was rapturous with delight. Goin' South

However, she was not a typical Cobra member — or, indeed, truly a Cobra at all. She cared about the welfare of the recently injured operative Scarlett and concealed the fact that she knew Scarlett to be an undercover agent for G.I. Joe. In fact, she herself was a double agent, sent by some unknown force to infiltrate and undermine Cobra.

Unbeknownst to the doctor, the Commander had already betrayed her and offered her to Megatron as part of the deal. Megatron decided to extract and freeze her brain for transport to Cybertron. Scarlett, repaying Biggles-Jones for saving her life, confronted Megatron to save her. Sucker Punch

Scarlett's bold challenge allowed a squad of Autobots, led by Hot Spot, to intercept the reborn Decepticon Leader and free Biggles-Jones. The Autobots soon found that they were no match for Megatron's newly enhanced body, and the encounter eventually led to the deaths of Steeljaw, Chase, Brawn and Override. After dispensing with them, Megatron relentlessly chased the Joes, who were attempting to escape with Biggles-Jones. Having witnessed the nobility of the slain Autobots, the scientist willingly surrendered to Megatron, who reclaimed her and stowed her aboard the Ark before departing.

While on the Ark, Megatron revealed that he knew that the railgun was infected with a computer virus designed to render it inoperable. Megatron explained that he'd transferred the virus to the technology he'd given to Cobra, making it all useless. Megatron and his prisoner blasted off for Cybertron. Final Transformations

Generation 2

We like where this is going.

However, Spike Witwicky had snuck onto the Ark during Megatron's battle with Cobra and combined with Fortress Maximus, his old Headmaster body, whom he had abandoned there years before. Soon after, Fortress Maximus confronted and battled Megatron, allowing his fellow stowaway, Skydive, to free Biggles-Jones. Unable to defeat Megatron in combat, Fortress Maximus decided to destroy the reactor core of the Ark and asked Spike to leave and escape with Skydive and Biggles-Jones. Spike declined and instead sacrificed himself along with Fortress Maximus, destroying the Ark for good. However, not only had Skydive escaped with Dr. Biggles-Jones, but Megatron too had escaped to plague the Autobots another day.

Skydive escaped with Dr. Biggles-Jones and returned her to G.I. Joe, where they all gathered to ponder the nature of heroism and sacrifice. Then she hugged Scarlett.


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