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The name or term Downshift refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Downshift (disambiguation).

Downshift is a cop on the edge. He plays by his own rules, much to the dismay of his commanders. As a security agent, he's often assigned to protect important facilities and people, but his "intuition" often leads him into hunting down suspects, leaving his charges unguarded.

Despite this, he's a highly skilled armed and unarmed combatant, and is extremely devoted to his job...or at least, to how he interprets it.

Japanese name: Camshaft


The Transformers manga

Omnibots group

Downshift is the one pointing at his crotch. With that look on his face.

During a massive battle on Cybertron, Galvatron introduced his latest combining warrior, Predaking. Predaking simultaneously took out Defensor, Omega Supreme, and Superion with a single punch, causing much worry for the Autobots, as Sky Lynx was already engaged in battle on Earth!

Downshift vehicle


From out of nowhere came Camshaft, Downshift and Overdrive. They swiftly shifted into vehicle mode(s) and circled Predaking, tying up his legs with cable. Predaking swatted at them to no avail!

Then the Omnibots transformed into their battle modes and...drove at Predaking, which caused him to topple backwards onto Bruticus, Devastator, and Menasor, taking them all out.

The assembled Autobots cheered for these three mighty warriors of great justice, who were subsequently never seen or heard of again.

Dreamwave Generation One comics

After Starscream unleashed Menasor on Iacon, Downshift and his fellow Omnibots were sent by Ultra Magnus to stop him. They did not succeed, and may have been killed by the rampaging giant. Passive Aggression

IDW Generation One comics

Downshift hung out with fellow Omnibot Overdrive on the Autobot Orbital Command Hub, under the command of Optimus Prime. Stormbringer issue 1


Generation One

  • Accessories: 2 "Magnetic-Guided Rocket Launchers", "Rust Rifle"
Downshift transforms into a white Toyota Supra (or as it was known in Japan at the time, Celica XX) sports car. He also has a third "flight/attack" mode, which flips down his side panels, revealing mounting points for his "Magnetic-Guided Rocket Launchers", plus reveals a rooftop double-barreled blaster (which can also serve as a clip for his "Rust Rifle").
Early releases of Downshift have "CELICA" printed on his license plate decal. Later releases blanked this out for obvious reasons.
Both Hasbro and Takara released him only through mail-order promotions rather than at regular retail (though in the US, some grocery store chains ultimately got bins full of them at discount). In the US, Downshift cost $5 and 4 robot points. In Japan, he cost 980 yen and 2 robot points.


  • Downshift was originally a Diaclone "Double Changer Celica XX". There are no notable differences between the Transformers and Diaclone versions, save the obvious addition of faction symbols and the aforementioned sticker variation.
  • Like all Omnibots, Downshift has been given three conflicting bios over the years, with none of those bios' writers apparently being aware of the other ones: An unpublished Marvel bio, the Japanese tech spec and Dreamwave's More Than Meets the Eye profile. The unpublished Marvel one had been written by profile writer Bob Budiansky both as a full TFU-style bio and as an abridged boxback-style bio. Bob's Downshift was a sullen, depressed soldier who suddenly found a new reason to continue: Earth, particularly its human children, whom he'd grown fond of.

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