200px-Titan4.14 Down and Out
Down and Out is a game show in which humans debase themselves by attempting to traverse an Aztec-themed assault course in order to reach treasure. It is hosted by Chuck Chuckles.
"I hope you're ready to do your best! And by that I mean suffer horrendously while attempting to survive our obstacle course of death!"
Knock Out, turning the show up to eleven


Titan Prime comic

It's a Knock-Out

Contestant Tod almost reached the treasure, but was knocked off a bridge by a swinging log. When Chuckles went to introduce the next contestant, the show was interrupted by the lights going out. Knock Out and Breakdown took the crew and audience prisoner, suspending them over a pit full of spikes and modifying the course to be a death trap. They were then able to lure Optimus Prime and Bulkhead there to take part in "Down and Knocked Out". Though the two Autobots faced the traps as well as some Vehicons dressed as mummies, they successfully overcame the Decepticons and freed the humans. The audience members luckily assumed that the Autobots were special effects, and Arcee removed all the camera recordings to ensure the Autobots' existence wasn't revealed.

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