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Some warriors, even the most seasoned veterans, have been known to collapse under pressure. Doubleheader, however, has developed a unique solution to that particular dilemma: divvy up the duties with a second noggin. His right head sees, smells and overall analyzes his surroundings, while his left head listens, speaks and makes all the decisions. By dividing his workload between two separate heads, Doubleheader always remains cool and collected in the tightest situations.

He also likes to burn things.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Doubleheader was stationed on Cybertron, working out of Autobase under Emirate Xaaron's command. He oversaw the repairs to the trans-dimensional portal which had been damaged when the Mayhem Attack Squad ambushed Bumblebee's Pretenders at their headquarters. Primal Scream

Later, Doubleheader was working with Pincher and Longtooth in a raid on a Decepticon prison camp. They were recalled back to Autobase, where Xaaron explained their latest mission -- a search for the long-lost Creation Matrix. Whose Lifeforce is it Anyway?

Doubleheader accompanied Pincher and Longtooth on the Matrix Quest, which took them to a harbor on Gottlieb. Hearing about the supposedly miraculous resurrection of the last of a race of whale-like creatures known as the Klud, Doubleheader (and Doubleheader) believed it could be a sign of the Matrix's life-giving properties at work. During the search, however, the Klud crippled Longtooth, which drove him into a killing-frenzy to find the beast and exact his evenge on it. Pincher and Doubleheader chased after their deranged comrade, but were intercepted by a new group of Mayhems, who were trying to get to the Matrix before them. Doubleheader held off the Decepticon flyers -- Needlenose and Spinister -- while Pincher attempted to reason with Longtooth. After determining the Matrix itself was long gone, the Mayhems pulled out, and Longtooth ultimately left the Klud alive. Deadly Obsession

Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate future 2009, Doubleheader was one of the Autobots withdrawing from Cybertron to Earth. During the journey, he and Pincher uncovered murder and sabotage in Engine Room Two. The Void! The Autobots eventually crashed to Earth and uncovered Rodimus Prime himself as the saboteur, possessed by the evil of Unicron. Doubleheader and Hosehead fired on their crazed leader, but couldn't penetrate the evil aura surrounding him. They only ended up drawing his attention and were shot down themselves. Shadow of Evil

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Generation One

  • Doubleheader (Pretender, 1989)

Accessories: Shell, wings/backpack, acid pellet pistol, rust-ray gun, double helmet

Doubleheader's inner robot transforms into a Cybertronic twin-cockpit jet, combining with red wings accessory. In robot mode, he can wield the small rust-ray gun.

Doubleheader's Pretender shell resembles an armoured human, albeit one with two heads. In this mode he can wield the larger acid pellet pistol. When folded up into his shell, the red wing-section of the jet forms a jetpack for the shell. Even though he has two heads on his shell, the helmets for said heads are a single piece.

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