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This article is about a Predacon. For the Action Master Elite, see Double Punch.

Cynical and cunning, Double Punch is an expert assassin and the master of many killing techniques. While he has the ability to become invisible at will, his egotistical show-off's personality will not allow for deaths where he does not clearly reap the credit. No, he prefers a glorious display of blood and death where his skill and glory are clear in everyone's sight.

When it comes to the internal politics of the Predacons, however, he's not nearly as brazen. Double Punch likes to imagine himself an important mover and shaker, but in fact, he's more likely to weasel up to those on both sides of an issue just to increase his position, then turn on whomever ends up on the losing end.

Double Punch's pet bee is Beeline, whom he uses to film his assassinations so he can watch them and admire himself over and over. Obviously, his main weakness is arrogance, and it can lead him to take on missions that are beyond his skill.


Beast Wars

  • Double Punch (Mega, 1998)
A redeco of Scorponok, Double Punch transforms into a large scorpion. His tail features a spring-loaded "jabbing" action, while each claw hides a spring-loaded gimmick. The right (robot mode) claw launches Beeline, while the left hides a dual missile launcher activated by opening his claw wide. Aside from his normal robot-mode head, he also has a "mutant mask". Only 1000 pieces were made.
The mold was later used to make Sandstorm.


  • While his fellow BCJ98 exclusive Grizzly-1 was based on the unused pre-release coloration for that mold, Double Punch was given his blood-red colors, rather than the pre-release colors for Scorponok, because it was felt that coloration was more "traditional" to scorpions in Japanese culture.

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