This article is about an Action Master Elite. For the Predacon, see Double Punch (BW).

Double Punch is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.

Maybe if I pretend to be Black Zarak, I'd be more cool.

Double Punch is an Decepticon born from the hot deserts of Cybertron. While he can endure the intense heat, he produces more of it with his aggressive fits of violence.

A real sneak, Double Punch likes to play both sides in a conflict in the Decepticon ranks to assure his promotion, regardless of the outcome.


Generation One

  • Double Punch (Action Master Elite, 1991)
    • Accessories: Gun

Here I am! Rock you like a hurricane!

As an Action Master Elite, Double Punch is one of the few figures in the Action Master line that can actually transform to some limited extent, in this case transforming into a scorpion. He has a claw-arm-raking action gimmick in both modes, pressing a button on his torso causes his claw arms to rotate back and forth at the shoulders.
Double Punch, as with the other Action Master Elites, was only released in Europe and Australasia.


  • Like the majority of the Action Master Elites, Double Punch appears to be an homage to a pre-existing G1 character. His color scheme, molded detail and transformation strongly resemble Black Zarak. He is also the only Action Master based on a Japanese-exclusive character.

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