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Double Clutch redirects here. For the Power Core Combiner character, see Double Clutch (PCC).

Double Clutch is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

An Autobot defense specialist, Double Clutch is said to be the very definition of the word speed, as well as a highly versatile robot. His rear spoiler functions both as a shield capable of deflecting laser fire and as an energy absorption panel that can keep him powered even after his internal fuel supply has been exhausted. The aerodynamic nose of his vehicle mode radiates electron disrupters that shut down the tracking sensors of his enemies. Catch him if you can, Decepticons!

Italian name: Sprinter


Generation 2

  • Double Clutch (Go-Bot, 1995)
Part of the first assortment of Go-Bots, Double Clutch transforms into a 1:64-scale Lola T94 Indy car with through-axle construction, making him compatible with racing sets from the "Hot Wheels" and "Matchbox" toylines.
The same mold was redecoed in Generation 2 for the Go-Bots version of Mirage, and later for the Robots in Disguise Spy Changer, Mirage.

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