The Doomsday is a Decepticon spaceship in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

In another continuity, Superman lobotomizes it with his heat vision.

The Doomsday is the Decepticon flagship during the early centuries of the war over the Mini-Con robots.

(Note: The name Doomsday comes from the Japanese Micron Legend Year Book 2003; the ship was not named in the English dub. It was also likely unnamed in the Japanese dub of its appearance episode as well.)


Armada animated continuity

Hyperion doomsday


The Doomsday attempted to intercept the Mini-Con starship Exodus as it fled Cybertron. however, between it and the prize was the Autobot flagship Hyperion and a host of smaller fighter craft. Thus, the Mini-Cons escaped. It is unknown what became of the Doomsday since. It assumed that it was destroyed by the Autobots. First Encounter

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