Donq is a human from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

There is nothing more sad then an aging hippy.

Donq is the guardian of Prince Cab of the Karin Islands. He's always ready to dispense some nugget of wizened wisdom, and often pushes Cab in directions that the prince doesn't want to go, but he really just wants what he thinks is best for his young charge, regardless of whether or not it's the best idea.

Although Cab calls him "Gramps" (ojii-san), it appears that he's just referring to him with a term of affection, and that Donq is not actually his grandfather.


Super-God Masterforce anime

Voice actor: Isamu Tanonaka (Japanese)

Donq excitedly came running into the jungle to inform Cab that he had received a letter of acceptance from the International School of Japan, but wound up tripping over Cab's pet armadillo in his haste. His mood didn't improve when Cab dismissed the letter out of hand, saying he was happy living on the island, despite Donq's protestations that he would need a proper education if he was to become King of the Republic of Karin.

A short time later, Donq was approached by three people who told him that they had come to the islands to investigate strange goings-on in the seas surrounding them. In truth, these three were the Autobot Pretenders Metalhawk and Diver, and their companion Shūta Gō, who had already been seen by Cab battling the Decepticons in the jungle. When Cab attempted to tell Donq that the people in front of them were actually giant robots, it was no wonder that Donq told him to stop making up stories. Donq's eyes were soon opened to the truth when Cab helped the Autobots foil the Decepticons' plans to transform native into Destroids, and with Cab now enthusiastic to remain with the Autobots, Donq talked him into going to Japan with them and attending the International School. Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt

Donq later sent Cab a letter to inform him that the world's largest tidal power plant was being built on Visacas Island, and would provide the Republic of Karin with electricity at last. A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots are in Trouble

Some time later, during a lull in the Autobot-Decepticon conflict, Cab (who had since become a Headmaster Junior), Shūta and Minerva travelled back to the Karin Islands for a vacation. Donq gave this happy news to Cab's childhood friend Copo, a young girl suffering from a circulatory disease. Although Donq maintained an upbeat attitude in Copo's presence, he was quick to consult with the visiting physician, Doctor Dado, who recommended moving Copo to a hospital on Viscas Island quickly. Before arrangements could be made, however, Donq witnessed Dado's capture by Gilmer. Cab soon arrived on the island, but Donq did not want to trouble his prince any more than necessary, and refrained from telling him about Gilmer (although he did find the time to warn him about the dangers of associating with a beautiful girl like Minerva). The group was then led to Copo, who collapsed, forcing Donq to reveal that Dado had been kidnapped. After calling on the other Autobots to investigate, Cab decided to transport Copo himself, and Donq accompanied them on the ferry, taking the wheel to allow Cab to sit with Copo. They were soon attacked by a Gulf, but the Autobot Godmasters arrived to save them. Donq and Copo were escorted to Viscas Island by the Godmasters, who then resuced the specialist she required, Doctor Rhodan, from the Decepticons' clutches, allowing him to perform the surgery that restored Copo's health. Save the Little Girl! The Chojin Warriors, the Godmasters

Super-God Masterforce manga

Donq manga

Cab needs an adult.

When the Decepticon Pretenders attacked Karin Island, Donq attempted to get Cab to safety, but Cab protested that it was his duty to defend the island. A blast of energy from Blood caused an explosion that hurled Donq to the ground, but the old man found himself revitalized by the incredible appearance of Metalhawk, whom he mistook for the god of Karin Island mythology. After Metalhawk dispatched the Decepticons, Donq led the natives in praising Metalhawk, even as he tried to explain that he wasn't a god. Gods? Demons? Pretenders

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