Donald F. Glut (born February 19, 1944) is an American writer and filmmaker. In addition to Transformers, he wrote many, many scripts for other '80s cartoons, including Masters of the Universe, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, and The Mighty Orbots. A noted dinosaur enthusiast, Glut has written several non-fiction books about dinosaurs. He also wrote the bestselling novelization of The Empire Strikes Back.

Glut's testimony regarding his The Transformers work is much more cynical compared to his peers. In 2001, he wrote:

"No one, not even the story editors, looked at these scripts very carefully. I seem to remember the show being on a really tight schedule, and we had to crank these scripts out fast. I wrote some of them in a single day, first draft, and they went almost immediately to the storyboard artists after Bryce or an assistant gave them a rather cursory read. We were not trying to create art, just get them done fast, and get paid... None of the writing on this series, in my opinion, was good or passionate or, sometimes (my own included, like The Autobot Run) even adequate. But we got paid well for writing them fast.... I was never a fan of any of the characters."[1]

Following the 2007 live-action movie, he also explicitly admitted not liking the "half-hour commercials" he wrote for in the 1980s, admitting that he "did it strictly for the $$$". At the same time, he also confirmed that his primary inspirations when writing episodes for the G1 cartoon were "Japanese giant robot shows" and Toho's Godzilla, while "Megatron's Master Plan was based in part on the movie Meet John Doe.[2]

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