Domya is an alien in the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

Rejects from an 80s heavy metal concert. Domya is on the left.

Domya is hopefully not a typical member of his species, otherwise the Department of Family Services is going to cry. Domya seems to feel that a good beating is the way to show affection and teach your family new skills. Learn to swim, slap around the head. Learn to be an adult, slap about the neck. Potty training must have been a real pain.

Oddly, they need goggles when underwater.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Domya tried to teach his little brother, Gomya, how to swim. This would normally be natural, what with them being alien seals roughly the size of aircraft carriers. However, Gomya was rather incompetent 'cause he was just a kid. Time to train the little boy! Smack! Is it any wonder Gomya didn't like his brother? Well Gomya got revenge by freezing big brother Domya in a block of ice as big as a planet. The Maximal Break convinced Gomya to give big brother a second chance and helped thaw him. Burning Spirit Below Freezing

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