Dolphin Bay is a bay with happy little dolphins in the Generation One continuity family.

Dolphin Bay is a lush slice of tropical paradise on the American coast. Sea Lion Point marks its southern end and Mount Lomas looms to the north.

The deep waters of Dolphin Bay are a diver's paradise, criss-crossed with towers of crimson coral, lush kelp, and a mysterious Black Coral. It's also home to many delicious dolphins.

Mount LomasEdit

Mount Lomas is the scenic crown on Dolphin Bay's metaphorical phallus of tropical beauty. None of this mattered to the Decepticons, who chose Mount Lomas as the site for a secret base.

In the process of hollowing out hidden chambers within the mountain and constructing an underwater access to the bay, the Constructicons discovered the properties of the Black Coral, and the base's construction was re-directed, turning the base into a lab and a processing plant to extract the coral's power.


Find Your Fate JuniorEdit

Strange electro-magnetic waves off the coast of Dolphin Bay, combined with earlier Decepticon sightings, brought Skids and Bumblebee to Dolphin Bay to investigate in Wheeljack's mini-sub. Sludge accompanied them.

They discovered the Decepticons' plan for the Black Coral. When Bumblebee became trapped on the floor of the bay, Skids used the sub's computer to communicate with the Dolphins, who rescued Bumblebee.


  • Sludge collapsed the lab by creating crashing waves that cracked the seaside wall.
  • The Autobots staged a full assault on Mount Lomas to attack the Decepticons before the power plant was completed.

Optimus Prime dueled Megatron atop Mount Lomas, and tricked Rumble into causing an earthquake, which caused Mount Lomas to crumble. Dinobots Strike Back


  • Also sometimes referred to as Dolphin's Bay.
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