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Dogfight is tough, unflinching, and extremely aggressive. He is a skilled air warrior, and with grim humor will refer to a hard-fought aerial combat as a "dance of doom". Violent-tempered and easily provoked, he is extremely protective of his personal airspace, and will readily attack any who approach him with unclear intentions.

Dogfight's short temper is not all there is to him, however, nor is he a purely ruthless fighter like Sunstreaker. He does value life; he does value friendship. He knows from sad experience that the merest indecision on a warrior's part may bring defeat in battle, perhaps permanently. Worse, it may mean deactivation or damage to friends, or to non-combatant bystanders. At the same time, he knows that rashness may bring the same result. So, while his quick temper does control him at times, at others he uses it to motivate him, and in the midst of rushing madly upon an enemy he will do his level best to preserve a fragment of his wits, and to fight with lethal skill as well as fury. He is a dangerous opponent.

Besides his temper, his greatest weakness is his great flying skill. Like Powerglide, he is an aerial acrobat who can often outmaneuver a larger foe or one with heavier weapons or stronger armor; even one who is faster in level flight. Such airborne acrobatics earned him his name, but can also earn him a mid-air stall, and a potentially fatal fall. So far, he has managed to recover from these.

French name (Canada): Batailleur


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

When Optimus Prime was still a junior commanding officer, he led Dogfight and the other Triggerbots on a quest to acquire the knowledge and power of the Underbase. During this quest, Dogfight became the latest in a long series of flying characters inexplicably undone by a hole in the ground. The Flames of Boltax!

Some millions of years later, Dogfight was being held prisoner by the Decepticons along with the rest of the Triggerbots and Sparkabots. Ca$h and Car-Nage! Eventually getting free, he became involved with the Matrix Quest with his fellow Triggerbots. On the planet Cheyne, Dogfight intervened when a group of armed riders were seen chasing down a helpless child. The Triggerbots easily outgunned the riders and drove them off. Hud, the boy's father, invited the Autobots to come into his home and freshen up before heading out. Despite the urgency of their mission, Dogfight and the others agreed. As the night wore on, the Triggerbots learned from Hud about how he and his family had been chased off their last homeworld by a political upheaval, and came to Cheyne to settle and build a simple farming life. The riders represented a land development interest who wanted to buy out their farm, and weren't willing to take "No" for an answer. Despite having a vague recollection of somewhere they needed to be, the Triggerbots allowed themselves to be convinced to stay the night and, the next morning, to help work the fields.

When Hud needed to go into town for supplies, Dogfight quickly volunteered to go along with him as protection. While there, he was confronted by a hostile group of robots, demanding to know about something called "the Matrix". Dogfight at first ignored their confusing words, and began firing upon them to protect his friend. Still, these new robots seemed strangely familiar, like something nagging at the back of his central processor. Lost in his own confusion, Dogfight was tossed aside by the robots once they realized he knew nothing of their prize. With Hud having run away in the scuffle, Dogfight was found by the riders who had confronted him earlier. As his mind began to clear, they explained that Hud's family weren't all that they pretended to be. Dogfight realized that Hud had been manipulating his mind and molding his behavior to suit the family's needs. They had pierced his outer gruff nature by toying with his deep inner desire for a peaceful life and an end to the fighting.

Feeling violated, and having regained enough composure to confront his "hosts", Dogfight returned to the farm and forced Hud to reveal his true, hideous form. It seems the family were Vrobians, psychic vampires growing fat by feeding off of the tasty Matrix-energy found in the Autobots' sparks. Dogfight was forced to defend himself against Hud, and the alien was killed in a blaster explosion. Backstreet and Override similarly had with the rest of the family, for their own survival. The Triggerbots were left feeling empty inside, and no closer to finding the Matrix than they had been when they started. Kings of the Wild Frontier

Dreamwave comics continuity

In the Age of Internment, Dogfight was one of the few Autobots left free on Cybertron. He served under Blaster and Perceptor's command as they simultaneously tried to track down the missing Optimus Prime and find a way to eliminate Megatron's cloned Aerospace Extermination Squadron. The Age of Wrath issue 2

IDW comics continuity

Dogfight was called upon to crew Optimus Prime's mission to Cybertron on board the Ark-27, and he was just so gosh-darn grateful for the opportunity. It was like a dream come true for him. He later assisted Prime in the battle against Thunderwing by reprogramming Centurion droids to blow the frag out the crazed Pretender. Surprisingly, he did not tragically die in the mission that followed.

His next dream is for Optimus to actually remember his name.

Dream the impossible dream, Dogfight. Dream the impossible dream. Stormbringer


Generation One

  • Dogfight (Triggerbot, 1988)
Dogfight transforms from robot to hypercritical-winged Grumman X-29 fighter jet. Activating his Triggerbot gimmick rotates his wings to a swept configuration and exposes a pair of large cannons with a geared jackspring mechanism.


  • It has been speculated that Dogfight was originally supposed to be a Triggercon, not a Triggerbot. His unchromed, geared-jackspring-activated guns line up with the two ground-based Triggercons, while the Decepticon flier Windsweeper's chromed, spring-loaded guns (and less overtly-aggressive alternate mode) would make him seem a more likely match with the Autobots.

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