ItsABotTime Dodgson

Doctor Dodgson is a scientist.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"It's a Bot Time"

In 1939, Dodgson was one of the scientists working on the time machine project for the Griffin Rock Technology Expo. When a group of robots and two children arrived from the future, Dodgson and Elma Hendrickson found Doctor Morocco with them. Morocco directed Dodgson to take the two children somewhere safe. As he led them through the corridors, Frankie used a couple of holograms to trick Dodgson into going the wrong direction. Dodgson later took part in testing the four robots, and when Morocco found the gathered data disappointing, Dodgson and another scientist prepared to help dissect the robots. Following the escape of the Rescue Bots, he, Hendrickson and Morocco caught up with them in time to see them disappear through the time portal.


Dodgson was later one of the scientists who worked on the Sanctuary Plan.

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