Doctor Doom is a human in the Generation One continuity family.



Doctor Doom is the ruler of Latveria. He wears a suit of metal, and likes to make robots. One would think this implied that he is a sensible human, but he's evil. Go figure.


New Avengers/Transformers

He doesn't make dome structures, apparently. Man and Machine, Part One

While the Avengers attacked the Autobots, Doom took matters into his hands and broke Wolverine's Decepticon-induced rage. Afterward, Doom explained his efforts to remove the Decepticon structure with his Doombots; he doesn't particularly like the prospect of Latveria destroyed by mere machines. The Decepticons stole Doom's Psycho-Prism, which allowed them to drive humans into a furious rage. Finding the Avengers and Autobots useless, Doom left, apparently to broker peace with Symkaria. Man and Machine, Part Two

Doom allied himself with the Decepticons, willing to rule the devastated planet the Decepticons would leave behind. When the heroes failed to surrender despite the ultimatum from Doom and Megatron, Megatron took out his frustration on Doom by shocking him into unconsciousness. Man and Machine, Part Three

Turns out Doom didn't care for the alliance, and showed this by shocking Astrotrain. Afterward, he pretty much just lolled around and insulted everybody, both before and after leading Wolverine to destroy the Psycho-Prism. Man and Machine, Part Four


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